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What is real?

I saw this video quite some time ago. It came up on my very unconventional news feed this morning. I had spent the very early hours awake, but not arising. My mind wandered over dozens of ways to attempt explaining where we are today. I know from experience I cannot explain the totality, or even the tip of the iceberg.

The movie below does a better job than I could possibly do in a lifetime. It could be termed “inside out”. Major insiders to The Grand Deception come out and tell us, show us, explain to us, our world as it really is… or, at least, how to begin learning about our world as it really is.

– Ted

For Those That Missed This, Here It Is Again. Well Worth Watching –

‘Out Of Shadows’ Documentary – This was banned by YouTube. A powerful 78 minutes that will blow your mind on what has been & is still going on behind the scenes with HollyWeird & the corrupt to the core U.S. Government.

You will be hooked within the first 10 minutes.

Look out for & protect your loved ones. Please watch/share/repost.