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It is as useless to argue with those who have renounced the use and authority of reason as to administer medication to the dead — Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826)

I spent a couple hours with extended family Sunday. They are really nice folks who I do like a lot, but they are far too common, average and normal to fit in my world. We chat amiably, josh around, talk about food, treats, weather, medical interventions, beauty treatments and what we are doing with our spaces and time. I am able to be part of their colony by keeping my views in check.

The first major project undertaken by the American Medical Association (AMA) was eliminating the majority of institutions teaching medicine in our country. The remainders were built and funded by John D. Rockefeller of Standard Oil fame. Modern AMA medical training spends years on the subject of petrochemical pharmaceuticals and ZERO time on nutrition.

Glyphosate, a well-known toxin, is in most of our “conventionally-grown” food. Chemically-refined sugar is one of the main ingredients in our processed food. Unnatural, genetically modified Frankenfood is the officially-approved standard. Growers and producers of healthy, natural food must go through significant extra expense and effort to properly label and bring their food to market.

Ours is a sick society … gee, I wonder why?

The colony chats about diseases, ailments and officially-approved interventions assuming there are no alternatives. I have quit participating in those discussions (see the Thomas Jefferson quotation I started this post with). They also discuss candy, sugary desserts and commercial pastries as a significant portion of their diets … all as if the two are unrelated … that is diet and health.

Surely the doctor would tell me if my diet was negatively impacting my health, wouldn’t he?

The last prescription I filled was for a particularly painful case of gout about 15 years ago. Before I ingested the expensive, non-returnable drug, I did a little Internet research. The side-effects were horrifying. More research cured my gout in a couple days with dietary changes, and without pharmaceuticals. See gout out for that story.

Now they are eagerly running off to the experts for injections that God miraculously placed on Earth with record-breaking speed. Better still, it not only prevents the dreaded COVID, it cures whatever else ails you.

Hot Dang! It don’t get much better than that.