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Four things your mask tells me at a glance

We can all know this about every mask wearer we come across:

1) They watch too much television.
How much is too much of the centrally-controlled propaganda machine? ANY

2) They do not do their own research.

The World Wide Web is full of information, but people have to take the initiative to access it.

3) They unquestioningly accept what their “betters” tell them.
People with funny clothes or official titles are clearly smarter than the sheep.

4) They will not have their minds changed by facts or new information.
Having accepted The Gospel from their Gods, nothing will penetrate their faith. Don’t waste your breath.

To my great disappointment and frustration, the people defined above will be maimed or killed by the current program of fear and genetic modification. I cannot save them. No words, images, videos, references, documentation or alternatives to what they have accepted as gospel will dissuade them from their suicidal pact with the devil.

It is time to start preparing for the world they leave behind.

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