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Crucial knowledge before you get shot

Doctors are risking their lives and their businesses to get the truth to us. Their enemies are our enemies for whom killing excess humans is one of their widely published goals. They say 500,000,000 is the right number. That is about 3% of what Earth is holding today.

The videos I share in this post are medical practitioners who cannot stomach the maiming and murder that is commonly being sold to us as a vaccine against a disease that is almost exclusively a psychological operation run by the mainstream media monopoly and crooked politicians.

Enough talk, Ted, just show the videos. As for YOU, watch just the first one. You will decide to watch the rest.

These two epitomize Fearless and Knowledge; devote themselves and their lives to helping others understand The Big Picture. What do these troubling things we are witnessing today all have in common? What is the goal? What is the end game?

Please give this video 10 minutes – I promise you will want to watch to the end – and share in every way you can. Both Carrie and Richie are fully aware of the risks they take in creating and publishing this information, yet know to not share it is a much graver risk to themselves, you, I and all of humanity. Respect that.

Incredibly, with all she knows and so capably articulates, she remains optimistic that the good people will prevail. We will win this war that is taking place NOW.

Your worst enemies have your voluntarily cooperation. Learn more about that. Cut them off. Their plans for you are much worse than anything you can imagine.

This video is easy on the eyes, easy on the ears, upbeat, terrifying, hopeful, spiritual, and, most importantly, crucial knowledge for our survival.

This is a powerful, enlightening video with solid information, resources and action plan. We can fight against mandating human experiments at best, biological warfare at worst.

Dr. Simone Gold, America’s Frontline Doctors against experimental biological agent mandates

The first step is knowledge. Inform yourself. Watch this
[and other videos in my VACCINES playlist].

More information:

Importantly, do not call this thing a vaccine.
It is an experimental biological agent – brand new, untested technology with no proven efficacy and numerous documented “side-effects” including death.

Catherine Austin Fitts lays it out from a perspective of an economic analyst with an extensive experience as a top-level DC insider.

Fedcoin, COVID, shutdown … the whole dang mess was a setup for a complete rape of every peasant on the planet.

The “Magic Virus” was a necessary component of monetary takeover.

This was a financial coup from currency to e-money that they could control to the finest level of detail.

Genetic alteration of the people to achieve Trans-Humanism is a crucial component of their Brave New World.

Here is another video I am confident Eew-Toob will censor. It is good enough to get their attention and shows deep corruption in unelected and elected rulers over you and me.

The big news as I post this is that DC cops killed an unarmed woman, ANTIFA infiltrated the MAGA protest, it was likely them that initiated the pushing, cornering of cops to trigger the shooting response, VP Pence is not against stolen elections and much, much more… BUT there is a lot of research yet to do to sort out the news wheat from the chaff. I will get on that as soon as the picture clarifies.

Meanwhile, THE VACCINE is one of the most powerful globalist tools in play to reduce the population numbers and vitality. Pay attention to it.

I vent a bit of my frustration with what everyday people are swallowing from those who would rule the Earth. Absolutely provable litany of lies for more than a century. You have to be complicit in the fiction to be deceived …

That is you must be a participant as the truth is really in your face. You know, you sense, you understand that they are lying, but admitting they are horrible makes you an accomplice. So you prefer to believe lies no matter how preposterous.

You stop
Then they stop.
Without your help they fail.


    The link above takes you to a playlist at my Brighteon video channel. The videos I featured in this post are just a sample of what I collected and share there. I select, curate if you will, videos that are clearly well-founded and distinctly counter to what the censors of Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Media and Big Government would have you know… that is, THE TRUTH.

    Knowledge is power.

    Get some.

    – Ted