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Open letter to Senator Jon Tester

Dear Senator Tester,

MSSA doesn’t often contact you asking for specific performance.  Now, however, is a time when that is unavoidable.  We hear a lot of talk about various possible gun control measures that are now or may soon be before Congress.

On behalf of Montana gun owners, we formally ask that you both work and vote against any and every measure and motion that would reduce or restrict the right to keep and bear arms that the people have reserved to themselves in the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution specifically from government interference.

We want you to know that Montana’s legal gun owners feel very strongly on this subject.  Please do not convert law-abiding Montana gun owners into federal criminals by attempting to impose new laws and restrictions with which we are unlikely to comply.

Jon, you will probably remember that in 1994 Senator Baucus broke his career-long promises to Montana voters to never vote for gun control when he became the enabling swing vote on a procedural motion that allowed the passage of both the Brady Law and the Feinstein semi-auto and magazine bans.  For that betrayal, Baucus deservedly earned enmity of Montana gun owners and very active opposition by MSSA.  We sincerely hope that nothing like that 1994 betrayal of Montana gun owners will occur in 2021.

Additionally, if Steve Bullock had not accrued such a well-documented anti-gun record, he might well have won his challenge against Steve Daines.  This is, after all, Montana.

Please inform us of any votes you cast, procedural or otherwise, to oppose, obstruct, or block new federal gun control, so we may share that information with Montana gun owners.  We would prefer to acknowledge your efforts to oppose federal gun control than to criticize you for having supported or enabled it.

Finally, you are encouraged to share this letter with others who may pressure you to vote for any gun control.  Hopefully, this letter will help you explain to those others how and why you must properly represent Montana.

Sincerely yours,


Gary Marbut, President

Montana Shooting Sports Association
Author, Gun Laws of Montana