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scamdemic SHUT-DOWN

I cannot come up with “a worst part” of the false narrative the powerful have foisted on us. Certainly shutting down all small businesses and social interaction could qualify.

All the little people accepted an emergency 12-day shutdown to break the cycle. That morphed into “Gee I sure hope they let us out of our little cells soon.” Something that is just beginning to happen a full year later.

Why are THEY ALLOWING US to come out of our caves now?

Because the people are demanding it.

Nothing else has changed.

The pressure has built to near-revolutionary levels. The powerful people recognize the threat. If we come out on our own, their era as rulers is OVER.

“Quick. Grant them permission to do what they are doing before they notice that they can have liberty any time they demand it.

Worth noting: The super wealthy and large corporations have had dramatic increases in wealth over the last year while the middle class that is traditionally the only real threat to ruling elites has been crushed.

– Ted

Child rearing by the criminally insane