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Why you need a Constitutional Sheriff and how to get one

In 1997 Sheriff Jay Prinz and Sheriff Richard Mack resisted the federal orders to implement the gun control wet dream Brady Act in their counties. The NRA in a rare positive move, financed the lawsuit to the Supreme Court where Prinz/Mack had our rights upheld.

That preserved a lot of liberty against the totalitarian juggernaut and confirmed the rights of people in this country to have a Constitutional Sheriff on their side.

I discuss that and more in this upper left video. Further information can be found at:,,
I published a lot more information than what those searches will turn up, but it is all linked from there.

Eight years ago I ran as a Constitutional Sheriff for the job in Ada County, Idaho. The twenty-year incumbent did not expect my unfunded campaign to be a threat. Neither did I. We were both shocked at the 41,000 votes I did earn – or more correctly, I think, that the concept of having a Constitutional Sheriff earned.

The lower right video was an interview I gave at a Boise gun show during that campaign. The “Eyes On Idaho” show meant nothing to non-television-watcher me, but might have had a significant audience.

41,014 people voted Ted Dunlap for sheriff – no law enforcement background or experience – no advertising – no mailings – no robo-calls … against a sheriff who had been elected to that job five times in a row. My tally was only 26% of the votes, however, so I was free to leave Ada County, Idaho and move to Montana’s Bitterroot … thank you, Cosmos, for that favor.

However, if a handful of activists in your county wanted a Constitutional Sheriff and super-effective posse, it is possible. The hints on how to pull it off are in my videos and web posts. I am happy to help. Just ask.