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Weather manipulators freezing the south, warming the north pole

Over the last 20 years The Bigs have figured out weather modification and control. Nature is apparently an enemy of theirs. As natural beings, so are we. The epic floods, droughts, heat waves, cold blasts, snow where it never snows … these are the result of beings who got themselves and others like them into positions of power.

In the video on the right I show you how to read the geo-stationary-weather satellite images. You can go check this one out yourself any time with the complicated link below that includes parameters displaying it how I prefer. On the left column, the Colorado State University site lets you customize the view in a myriad of ways.

In case you are wondering who would do this and why, their 220-ton Georgia Guidestones monument has their objectives etched in granite and displayed for all to see. This is not “maybe” or “conspiracy theorist”. Go see for yourself.

Bookmark this page. Check it out from time to time. Use the lessons I put in the video to learn how to read and understand the weather manipulations yourself. While we are unlikely to solve the problem, understanding it is a step in the right direction. The current situation in Texas is a perfect example.

Texans are beginning a strong movement towards succession from the corrupted centralized USofA government. That could start a trend that would put a serious hiccup in The New World Order hopes and dreams… unacceptable for them … awesome for humanity. Suddenly the Texas power grid goes down combined with the worst cold wave in recorded history.

It is hard to believe in coincidences like that when you know that the power grid and weather are controlled by enemies of the Texans.