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your Super Powers

Surrounded by average mortals you stand out with your nose able to smell lies and vision enabling you to see truth. Normies prefer the comforting lies promulgated by lamestream media and even lamer politicians. Confronted with clear truths that run against the official narrative their minds cannot see what is right in front of their faces.

The graphic to the left I found on the Internet indicates individual superpowers people wish for. Those who are mired in the fake world don’t even imagine another, let alone wish to see it. Simply wanting to see is all it takes, but makes you different from average, and I would say far superior.

As you have undoubtedly found, exceptional sight is not always welcome.

When you have a nose for lies and vision open to truth, where do you go for information?

The real world is a good place to start. Observe your surroundings with open eyes, open mind and applied thinking. Stupid and ugly are clearly delineated from clever, kind, thoughtful and useful.

The Internet is a gift from the cosmos. Gab, Minds, and MeWe are social sharing platforms that do not censor or delete voices who run counter to the official narrative. In these places you have to spend a little time seeking voices you want to hear. After that initial setup you can add new ones here and there as they show up on your feed.

From this foundation you will find investigative reporters, news sources and well-made videos that test your superpowers; your nose for lies and eyes open to truths. Bookmark and revisit those who feed you good information on subjects of interest to you.

The opposite world is where the big tech giants are creating echo chambers with no views outside the desired world view. An interesting effect of this is the inhabitants begin thinking their opinions are majority, correct, all-powerful, and know nearly nothing about the other side. They also have no skills, no tools for questioning, deciding and separating wheat from chaff.

While we cannot help but see their side, they have no clue as how strong our side is. Truth trumps lies every time. Imagined enemy weakness built in ignorance is a really poor way to enter a fray. Knowing who and what they are is a huge advantage, but we have more where that one came from.

Their masks signal blind unthinking compliance. Meanwhile, they write us off as ignorant fools who will be crushed by their superior intellects, strengths and numbers. At a glance we can see who shares our superpowers. THAT is our future community. The old ones are being destroyed by The New World Order.

Can’t help it. Can’t fix it. Can’t worry about it. Look ahead, not behind.

NEW cause of death: Misplaced Faith.

As the trusting jockey for position to get injected with this DNA-altering toxic stew, we see forced vaccines as the line worth fighting on. An interesting result will be lamestream media and sociopath politicians quite literally killing and maiming their audiences… while we become relatively stronger and more populous.

I put that and more into the video on the right.