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You are not alone

While the television watchers share a myriad of mythologies as if there is a solid reality behind them, we cringe at their foolishness … but more so we reel with the ubiquitousness of their fables.

The only good news is that we can now recognize useless eaters from 50 yards away because they all wear virtue-signalling masks. They commend each other for their social responsibility.

They are also forgetting in a big hurry the blatant election fraud we all witnessed, ignoring their pretend president’s dementia, pedophilia, corruption and the police state blanket enveloping the planet.

They buy the cheap theater production that was staged in DC. Holey crap! Today I heard that the show was compared to Rwanda’s ethnic genocide. Laughable lunatics.

Rational people know the only certainties in our mortal existence are birth and death. You and I are more aware of the proximity of the latter than most people. Meanwhile THE OTHERS are excitedly lining up for the toxic injection, even elbowing their way to the front of the line if they can come up with a way to do so.

Some things just work themselves out without our help. Television will be losing audience as “the vaccine” does its job.

Those of us not directly affected will remain standing to confront the police state.

Individually, the odds are not that great.

Collectively, I still think we are an overwhelming force.

We have honor, integrity and brains on our side.