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Don’t let them rewrite what happened in the Capitol

“Will history be good to you, Mr. Churchill?”

“Certainly, because I will write it”

Here are two videos of what they want to call Trump riots and the shooting death of a protester.

The shooting was fully staged. Both of these videos expose the lame acting, fake blood and blanks being fired at the woman in the window.

Nobody was hurt or injured in the production of these events. Millions will be killed or injured by the results of the lies being perpetrated on us.

The Trump supporters did not rush the Capitol. ANTIFA actors were led in and moved around to make the photos and videos lamestream media wanted for their fictional story.

KNOW what happened and do not let the barrage of lies overpower those truths.

I watched them do it with Sandy Hook, 9/11, Aurora theater, Santa Rosa fires and many more false flags.
The lie becomes the history for the majority.