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The media/political theater has bogged down

It is not like they aren’t hell-bent, pell-mell destroying the world, but they are playing this ridiculous dementia president scene overly long. Drop the curtain, please. I suppose this is a good time to hit the concession stand.

The really ugly part are the sheep flocking to kill themselves with masks, social distancing and toxic vaccines. Information against all of those things is readily available and overwhelmingly against participation …

The eyes are useless when the mind is closed.

I am particularly weary of this scene, this act in the big play. The messiah is due in from Stage Right on his white charger to set all wrongs right. Meanwhile, people are running full-speed to have the scam-demic destroy their lives, families, communities while my community and I sit back waiting for the next act. We aren’t buying a bit of this one, but watch in amazement as MASSES (with the silent M) swallow the lies like a thirsty horse does water.

The video included here is the overview of where we are … and where we are not.