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Say No To Forced Experimental Vaccines

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THANK YOU for taking action and signing the petition. There is more work to be done. We need more signatures to disrupt businesses from coercing us into injecting an experimental biological agent into our bodies. With your help we can drive our signature count from 415,000 to 4,000,000 overnight.


Forward this newsletter to 10 people. Educate them about what the petition is meant to accomplish and why it is critical that every person in the world signs it. Be a warrior, and fight for your freedom right now. You are armed with the tools and the passion to fight. This is your first mission.

Sign the petition by clicking here or on the graphic below.


People should never be pressured to comply with taking an experimental vaccine. This is becoming a very real danger. The coercion can be implemented by government legislation or through policy directives by large private and public corporations, including airlines, employers, schools, and other institutions. This type of assault on your medical privacy is invasive, aggressive, and unethical.

Tampa Experimental Vaccine Video

“You must understand the magnitude of the lie in order to understand what they are trying to tell you about these experimental vaccines.” -Dr. Simone Gold

Become a member of AFLDS, and WATCH THE ENTIRE VIDEO on our website.


America’s Frontline Doctors speak about the COVID Experimental Vaccine in Atlanta, Georgia, to a group of faith leaders from across the United States of America, December 2020

The highly impactful event was graciously hosted by the Urban Global Health Alliance and the Alveda King Ministries.

Atlanta video

“We need to remind people at all times that Americans have the right to deny anything experimental. Broaden your definition of mandate. Mandate is not just governmental. I am less worried about governmental mandate than I am about private business mandate. We are not just talking about government mandates. We are talking about private business, universities, schools.” -Dr. Simone Gold

“The reason many of us are in this fight is that we are ethical physicians, and we are seeing people hurt and dying needlessly, in our opinion, for lack of transparency and knowledge and good medical care.” -Dr. Lee Merritt

“They have bypassed animal testing.” -Dr. Lee Merritt

“It’s a national security issue as well as all of our health issue.” -Dr. Lee Merritt

“It’s not a viral pandemic. It’s a pandemic of fear.” -Dr. Mark McDonald

Click here or on the photo above to watch the full video on our website.

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Dr. Simone Gold Urgently Needs Your Support

Dr. Simone Gold, Founder of America’s Frontline Doctors, is under vicious attack after leading the fight to save innocent lives and expose massive medical disinformation.

Dr. Gold accepted an invitation to speak on January 6 in Washington D.C. Upon arrival, the event was inexplicably cancelled, but Dr. Gold courageously delivered a powerful speech calling for truth and transparency.

Two weeks ago, Dr. Gold and her Communications Director were arrested by the FBI in an extremely aggressive manner. They need your support. This fight is not just for them, but for you.


All funds raised will go directly toward legal costs for Dr. Gold. Should any funds remain, they will be used to continue the life-saving mission of AFLDS.

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Medications and protocols

Last summer AFLDS implemented a telemedicine resource to enable all Americans to acquire HCQ. The service has been successful; we hear much positive feedback. Recently, demand for this service has skyrocketed, and our partner telemed company and pharmacy have been working around the clock to catch up with demand. Thank you for your continued patience.

More information about pharmacy expectations can be found on our website.

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We need your help to continue fighting for the best patient care, physician independence, and a science-based approach to healthcare decision-making.

Please consider ongoing MONTHLY donations, and be a part our Frontline effort to keep Americans safe and healthy.

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Patriotically yours,
America’s Frontline Doctors