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1 20 2021 is a numeric palindrome

Most of us are aware of how The Cabal loves to play with their numerology.

With that in mind, tomorrow has an increased likelihood of being * SHOW TIME *

Jan 20th 2021 = 1/20/2021 = 1 20 2021 = 1202021

I increased paying attention to numerous channels where I get my interesting news from… obviously not lamestream media or its platoon of presstitutes. Today I figure to give that a rest. Palindrome Day is so much more likely to have the excitement in it. 1 19 2021 just doesn’t have a fun ring to it.

The fence surrounding the halls of Congress have grown bigger and taller. The number of military personnel in DC has grown to somewhere over 31,000 with a third or more of them sworn in as “US Marshals” … able to make arrests and detainment of civilians, as in traitors, felons and those who think they are about to be in charge (again).

As I keep saying nowadays, The Show is for those who would resist with force of arms a fascist state as constantly described by the supposed incoming administration and congressional majority.

Fifty years of attempting to disarm the world’s largest army (our armed hunters, military veterans, sport shooters and gun owners) has proven to be unworkable. This new ploy to have a Messiah tell them that “It is all under control”, “I got this”, “stand down”, etcetera, will work with a huge majority of those who would otherwise resist WITH VIGOR.

Fed-coin controlled electronic currency replacing the dollar … no problem.
Forced vaccines altering human DNA, killing millions … no problem.
Mandatory lock-downs with no freedom of movement … no problem.
Military forces all over with heavily-armed checkpoints … no problem.
Martial law owning all streets, towns, shops, services, media … no problem.

Pay very close attention.