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beware the miracle man

We might see what appears to be an awesome WIN in the next few days as The Deep State suffers a major loss… two wings of the same bird… two sides of the same coin.

The troops and fences in the DC Swamp are not there to defend the criminal inauguration. They are there to assist in arresting the criminals. I also expect broadcast television to be arrested; that is to go dark for a bit and/or to be taken over by military martial law.

We have been set up to HATE those who are working to destroy the USofA and cheer for the guys wearing the other uniforms in this great event.

Be very, very wary

Here is what you should be watching for to be sure it is all in our best interests.

The lamestream media may suffer a supreme take-down. Sadly, our Internet might too. Get your radios online. That may be all you have for a while.

Only the ham radio operators are likely to know what is going on outside your neighborhood or region. Include them in your news/information gathering program.

Very definitely fire up whatever two-way radios you have. Go to town. Visit the shops, pubs, wherever people might gather in your area.

Being informed is about to turn local in a big way.

Self, family and community defense even more so.