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Minds, a social-media service and great news source

I regularly check my Minds and Gab news feeds, follow links that interest me and share The Good Stuff. It is not all good stuff, and much of it is repetition of what I have already seen or read about. Nevertheless, it is good to scan and find the fresh news or interesting ways to express what we know.

Below is what a normal scan of my Minds channel looks like. To get started with Minds and/or Gab you need to “follow” a few people who post interesting stuff. From there, follow and unfollow to make them work as good information sources for you.   I typically roll down the feed, pursue interesting links, then keep on going down until I start seeing bits that I have already looked through on previous visits.

With the Marxist/Globalist tech giants expelling conservative voices, Gab has been hit with a double-whammy. A huge influx of new users has more than quadrupled their subscribers and visitors. Gab is adding computer servers at a crazy-fast rate working to keep up with the explosion.  At the same time, they are being attacked by those who do not like the free flow of information. Those are tough battles, but I am betting they win every round.

– Ted

FACT!!!!!!!! 💯 We are even warned in the bible that people will perish for a lack of knowledge and that pharmaceuticals are the devil’s sorcery… Be aware, Be awake, do NOT be deceived. Your life depends on it 💗















Alex Jones is extremely psychotic and evil and is an FBI Cointelpro agent working under Project Megiddo created by the Roman Catholic US-Italian dual citizen and former FBI Director Louis Freeh who is an agent of the House of Boncompagni-Ludovisi. Alex Jones is also working with Stratfor Intelligence a private global spy network and he gathers intelligence on his listeners which they use for murder and assassinations. Alex Jones and Infowars persecuted and murdered many of its listeners who refused to support Donald Trump. They murder people through staged accidents and electronic weapons. Infowars was directly involved in the murder of my aunt. Alex Jones is also involved with a child trafficking network from Mexico into Texas and Alex Jones does rape, murder, and cannibalize Mexican children. Alex Jones is pure evil. Alex Jones 1999 Y2K, Russians are attacking! Live video broadcast of Alex Jones on Y2K claiming Russians are attacking and that nuclear plants are being shut down. Alex Jones also calls Putin a demon and more recently has been supporting Putin. The attached analysis, entitled PROJECT MEGIDDO, is an FBI strategic assessment of the potential for domestic terrorism in the United States undertaken in anticipation of or response to the arrival of the new millennium. For over four thousand years, MEGIDDO, a hill in northern Israel, has been the site of many battles. Ancient cities were established there to serve as a fortress on the plain of Jezreel to guard a mountain pass. As Megiddo was built and rebuilt, one city upon the other, a mound or hill was formed. The Hebrew word “Armageddon” means “hill of Megiddo.” In English, the word has come to represent battle itself. The last book in the New Testament of the Bible designates Armageddon as the assembly point in the apocalyptic setting of God’s final and conclusive battle against evil. The name “Megiddo” is an apt title for a project that analyzes those who believe the year 2000 will usher in the end of the world and who are willing to perpetrate acts of violence to bring that end about. Alex Jones Blows His Cover In Austin COINTELPRO (portmanteau derived from COunter INTELligence PROgram) (1956–1971) was a series of covert, and at times illegal,[1][2] projects conducted by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) aimed at surveilling, infiltrating, discrediting, and disrupting domestic political organizations.[3][4] Stratfor is an American geopolitical intelligence platform and publisher founded in 1996 in Austin, Texas, by George Friedman, who was the company’s chairman. Chip Harmon[2] was appointed president in February 2018. Fred Burton is Stratfor’s chief security officer. Other executives include vice president of global analysis, Reva Goujon,[3] senior vice president of strategic analysis, Rodger Baker[4] former U.S. Special Operations Command officer Bret Boyd, vice president of custom intelligence services.[5]



Meme makers should make positive message about mankind. Words are powerful! ….. and mankind are waking up FAST


Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has blasted the deep state and the fake news media during an interview with NPR ahead of the country’s presidential election:

Ugandan President Museveni Blasts U.S. Deep State and Fake News Media






Psychotronic Terrorism The military and intelligence communities all over the world are working together to control society. They are using technologies to oppress, surveille, and mind control populations. The US and the United Kingdom along with its common wealth states of Australia, Canada, and New Zealand have a joint intelligence operation known as Five Eyes which runs its ECHELON program used for gathering intelligence. ECHELON is working with the NSA’s MAINWAY and MARINA to hack, steal, and store private information intercepted from telephone and internet communications and information. The NSA which is headed up by Michael S. Rogers is spying on everyone through hidden cameras and microphones in smart devices, televisions, and computers. The information is stored in the Utah Data Center where they develop psychological programs on civilians used for psychological targeting. All of this is entirely criminal. ECHELON is being covertly hacked by the Swiss ONYX interception system headed up by Guy Parmelin the Federal Councillor of the Swiss Federal Department of Defence. It is also believed that the Swiss are working with Italy’s AISE, France’s Directorate-General for External Security headed up by Bernard Bajolet and Germany’s Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution or BfV headed up by Hans-Georg Maasen and Germany’s Federal Intelligence Service or BND and their Project 6 surveillance program which works with the CIA headed up by Mike Pompeo. The EU uses Schengen Information System which unifies European intelligence gathering. The EU Commission is headed up in Belgium and Luxembourg with Jaak Raes the head of Belgian VSSE intelligence and Patrick Heck the head of Luxembourg’s SREL intelligence. Russian Federal Security Service runs the SORM surveillance system on Russian civilians. Israeli Mossad and the IDF’s Haman run Unit 8200 and they run Luxembourg based Intelsat satellite interceptors along with British Inmarsat satellite interceptors. These surveillance systems are spying on everyone however the release of this information distracts from the fact they are all running neurological hacking software where wireless frequencies and electronic emissions are designed to hack into a persons body and mind. They spray what are called chemtrails for various purposes like weather modification but also to enhance their wireless and radio transmitted frequencies. They are using GENESIS (software), Neuron (software), Brian (software), and NEST (software) through the electronics which function through all operating systems like Windows and Linux. The Satellite interceptor systems are also running similar programs which can target in a similar way. MERLIN is a radio telescope system named after a wizard and managed by Brian Bowsher which is running biochemical hacking programs developed by the Freemasonic members of the Royal Institute and Royal Society which are covertly working with the Science and Technology Facilities Council. The USAF’s HAARP system is partly involved with radio targeting on members of society. Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array located in New Mexico and Atacama Large Millimeter Array based in Chile are radio satellite systems also used for targeting. The Atacama system is an international project including Europe and the United States. The Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy runs its LOFAR and Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope systems used for targeting society with mind control frequencies. Dutch intelligence is called AIVD and headed up by Rob Bertholee. Haman headed up by Gadi Eizenkot and Mossad headed up by Yossi Cohen are involved along with CIA-Jesuits or Roman intelligence and SIS-Masonic Crown agents in overseeing and infiltrating Silicon Valley which further enables electronics and operating systems to run neural hacking programs. The European Union owns the Human Brain Project operating out of Geneva, Switzerland which has helped to develop neuro-brain computer interface and neurological hacking software like GENESIS which was developed by Jesuit educated James Mason Bower. They can literally plug their minds into these systems and target people with a form of synthetic telepathy. The Church of Scientology which is working with Silicon Valley has these technologies. Along with these programs military and private military have developed various microwave, electronic, and pulse weapons used for covertly targeting members of society. All this is invisible to the eye and enables these tyrants to target people extremely covertly. These are crimes against humanity and these systems need to be shut down and these criminals need to be executed.




An expert virologist, pathologist and former chairman of a prominent medical association in Canada told officials in the province of Alberta that the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is a great hoax. This is why policies and mandates regarding face masks, social distancing and destructive economic lockdowns “should all stop tomorrow.” “There is utterly unfounded public hysteria driven by the media and politicians,” said Hodkinson, who made it very clear he was against mask mandates and any attempt to continue or strengthen the lockdowns. Hodkinson continued by calling the coronavirus pandemic “the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public.” He added that he firmly believes that COVID-19 was “just another bad flu”:


Expert Virologist: COVID-19 Pandemic is ‘the Greatest Hoax Ever Perpretrated’ and Face Masks, Social Distancing and Lockdowns ‘Should All St…

Connection between Stanley Milgram’s Experiment and Personality Disorders Stanley Milgram’s experiments illustrate what can happen when an otherwise ethical person finds themselves under the influence of an authority figure who instructs them to behave in an unethical way. An example of this is when an abusive parent influences the other parent or siblings to join in the mistreatment of one child. The other family members may not have acted abusively without this influence, but within the family system abusive acts may become “normal” and they become “Abusers by Proxy”. Abusive parents may also recruit proxies from outside the home. Many people regard a parent as an authority figure over their children’s lives and consider that the “parents know best”. Using this social trust, abusive parents sometimes successfully recruit people from outside the family including teachers, doctors, pastors, counselors, friends and acquaintances to participate in the abuse of a child. A famous example of this is Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome in which a parent persuades medical staff to overmedicate or mistreat a child by claiming the child has illness or symptoms of an illness. Another example of this is when someone in a relationship with a personality-disordered individual begins to reject people whom they would otherwise consider as friends, steal or break laws in order to please or placate the demands of their partner or spouse. source:


Obedience — Out of the FOG

Just weeks before much of the world was forced into mandatory lockdown due to fears about the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), the journal Eurosurveillance published a bogus study announcing the arrival of the infamous PCR test, which was declared to be the world’s first diagnostic tool for identifying the “coof.” Without question, the PCR test was immediately endorsed by World Health Organization (WHO) head Tedros Adhanom – the first non-medical leader of the United Nations arm, by the way – who pushed it as a reactive solution to the plandemic problem. Since that time, however, we have learned that PCR testing is fake science and completely fraudulent:

Fraudulent PCR Testing and Treasonous Politicians Led Entire World Into Lockdown Tyranny


‘We see nothing alarming,’ says Norwegian drugs regulator, after 13 deaths linked to Pfizer vaccine jabs Saint Anthony Fauci: The Hidden History North Korea unveils ‘world’s most powerful weapon’ at military parade to mark 1st party congress in 5 years (PHOTOS) South Korean court upholds ex-President Park’s 20-year prison sentence ‘Innocent people were hurt’: Dutch government resigns over childcare subsidies mismanagement scandal Air Force selects Huntsville, Ala., as home to U.S. Space Command French privacy watchdog slams authorities for using drones to enforce Covid-19 rules and curfews Report: More than 50 killed during Israeli airstrikes in Syria Objective:Health – Covid 1984: WHO Changes Definition of Herd Immunity China finally lets WHO into Wuhan to probe COVID-19 origins Did Trump Encourage His Supporters To Riot At U.S. Capital? You Decide Looking for Trump Tweets? They’re Not Entirely Gone 9/11 Was the Prelude. 1/6 Is the Holy Grail The US Capitol riot risks supercharging a new age of political repression ‘Child spies’ bill could face Lords defeat as Tory peers rebel Johnson Slams ‘Disgraceful’ Food Parcels Delivered to UK School Children Uganda orders all social media to be blocked as hotly contested election looms – letter Spain pushes to vaccinate all nursing home residents within a week NYC’s mass exodus to Florida, Texas driven by economic incentives: Ex-NYSE CEO Robert David Steele Interviews Matthew Ehret On the Ongoing Color Revolution and Structure of Empire 7 Mores Arrested In Siege on U.S. Capitol Interpol issues red notices for chemical ship captain and owner over Beirut port explosion Germany will have lockdown beyond January & new travel restrictions, but no mandatory vaccination – health minister France reports 1st case of allergic reaction to Pfizer Covid-19 jab as country continues vaccine rollout Facebook DELETES account of Iran’s Press TV news network with 4 million subscribers Beijing accuses Australia of politicizing business as Chinese bid for major builder is blocked for ‘security concerns’ UK government fails to publish details of £4bn Covid contracts with private firms “This Will Be Remembered as a Turning Point”: Snowden Warns Against Trump Social Media Ban Idaho Internet Provider Blocks Facebook, Twitter German Lawyer Sues The World Over Coronavirus Blackouts, The Gr8 Awakening, Flynn and Lin, XRP, Jake Angeli, SpaceForce – Cosmic Origins Jan 10, 2021 Journalists, Activists Condemn UK Decision to Keep Assange Locked Up without Charge ‘Journalists’ Who Smear Assange Are Pure Scum – Caitlin Johnstone Tech guru Durov warns Apple & Google pose threat to freedom, as Russian Senator says Trump Twitter ban a challenge to sovereignty Insurrection Act has been signed, The day we have all been waiting for Jenny Lee with James Rink: Interpretations of Recent Events – Jan 10, 2021 Hariri in Turkey China Scrubs Critical Wuhan Lab Data, Deletes 300 Studies Including Research By ‘Batwoman’ Biden bringing McGurk back means more terror to fight terror Elon Musk’s Starlink plots launch of internet satellites for rural Britain Israeli warplanes carry out new flights over Beirut Massive power grid failure plunges Pakistan into darkness Naval Olympics? Turkish ship speeds past Greek gunboat in the Mediterranean: video New Satellite Image Shows Construction Works At Alleged Iranian Missile Base In Eastern Syria Sussexes turn their backs on social media due to online ‘hate’ The bin Laden death story Operating Systems can be Detected using Ping Command Network Discovery with HD Moore


‘We see nothing alarming,’ says Norwegian drugs regulator, after 13 deaths linked to Pfizer vaccine jabs — RT World News

It’s confirmed: The pandemic is driven by the faulty PCR tests, just like Pfizer’s ex-Chief Science Officer, Dr. Michael Yeadon, told us months ago. “Almost all” of the tests for Covid-19 are producing false positives, Dr. Yeadon warns. Today we learn that 22 highly renowned scientists conclude that the PCR test produces 97% false positives. So out of all of the Covid patients we’ve ever seen, 97% never had Covid. STOP PCR TESTING NOW:

22 Highly Renowned Scientists: Out of All of the Covid Patients We’ve Identified With the PCR Test, 97% Never Had Covid


BREAKING!!! The enemy just TERMINATED all of the top Patriot/conservative podcasts, including SGT Report!! Hey friends, FUN FACT: So… I just discovered this tonight as I went to upload the audio from my interview with Charlene Bollinger to Megaphone, which sends it out to iTunes, etc… NO FREE SPEECH FOR YOU! The enemies of humanity took down ALL of our podcasts tonight. Steve Bannon, X22, RedPill78, SGT Report… A great many of the top conservative podcasts. TERMINATED. Our pal Zach Vorhies said in my recent interview, if Trump can’t pull this off, he will “leave the country, because that’s what you do when the Communists take over.” He’s right. They are unrelentingly evil. Pray friends. We have 5 days left to save the Republic. Related article: Extremists Exploit a Loophole in Social Moderation: Podcasts

It’s NOT a vaccine. The mRNA COVID technology now being militarily deployed in many nations around the world, is NOT a vaccine. I repeat: it is not a vaccine. It is many things indeed, but a vaccine is not one of them. According to Dr. Judy Mikovits, “It’s a synthetic pathogen. They’ve literally injected this pathogenic part of the virus into every cell of the body … it can actually directly cause multiple sclerosis, Lou Gehrig’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease … it can cause accelerated cancer … that’s what the expression of that piece of virus … has been known to do for decades.” The COVID mRNA Vaccine is an operating system which can program your DNA, and therefore program you, at your core essential blueprint level:


The mRNA COVID-19 Technology is NOT a Vaccine



In a really sh*tty move, Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner reportedly barred the secret service guards assigned to protect them from all of their SEVEN toilets, allegedly forcing them to rent an entire apartment at the taxpayer’s expense. According to the Washington Post, agents spent ‘months’ finding a convenient place for bodyguards to go about their secret business. Neighbors in the upscale DC area of Kalorama vetoed the installation of a portable toilet while it wasn’t practical to go to other Secret Service outposts like the homes of former President Barack Obama and Vice President Mike Pence – especially after a member of the Trump/Kushner detail ‘left an unpleasant mess in the Obama bathroom.’ In the end, the agents rented a nearby basement studio apartment for $3,000 leaving a bill of $100,000 as of this month, all from the public purse. A bit more than just ‘spending a penny’.



Antifa-Insurgence leader John Earl Sullivan is in custody after being arrested in Utah on Thursday. As reported previously Antifa protester John Sullivan was caught on video posing as a Trump supporter during the rioting at the US Capitol last week. CNN’s Jade Sacker penetrating the Capitol with a member of BLM/Antifa cheering, “We did it!” And then asking her conspirator if he was filming, he said he’d delete it, he lied. CNN was in on it. To make this clear. CNN was embedded with BLM/Antifa pretending to be Trump supporters videoing them incite a riot:

Mexico’s president has vowed to stand up for free speech and wants to lead the fight against social media companies accused of censorship. ‘Yes, social media should not be used to incite violence and all that, but this cannot be used as a pretext to suspend freedom of expression,’ President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said. He’s hoping other countries will join him in the fight. ‘I can tell you that at the first G20 meeting we have, I am going to make a proposal on this issue.’


Ignorance isn’t bliss, its brutality…



Roughly four in five Americans said they believe the US is falling apart, according to a new Axios-Ipsos poll. The poll included interviews with over 1,000 adults from Monday to Wednesday found that 79 percent of respondents either strongly or somewhat agreed with the statement ‘America is falling apart.’ The poll comes a week after the riot in Washington DC and the invasion of the Capitol building by supporters of Donald Trump that left five people dead. The Axios-Ipsos poll also found that 56 percent of Americans agree that Trump should be immediately removed from office. In better news for the country, 81 percent strongly or somewhat agreed that they are ‘proud to be an American.’