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shotgun look behind the curtain

The following is a snapshot of what may be going on in The Deep State battle for control of Earth.

I post it here because it passes my sniff test: It smells plausible … perhaps likely.

I continue to hold that the Biden/Harris theft will not come to fruition. The planners are better than that.

The next 8 days will be epic… like nothing we have experienced in our lifetimes.

Heckuva show. Enjoy it. Life will be harder from now on.

REMEMBER that Trump continues the chemtrail atmospheric poisoning program. REMEMBER that Trump is pushing the DNA-altering vaccine. REMEMBER that Trump is encouraging the Scam-Demic. REMEMBER that Trump is endorsing the dollar collapse/replacement with Fed-Coin that THEY CONTROL.

– Ted

HISTORY IS BEING MADE..and so many dont realize it…a few of us follow this intel.. my friend Jen Griffin put this together, sharing…UPDATE..

It’s Official! The Insurrection Act HAS been invoked, which means the US is now under military control and our man DJT is the Commander in Chief. People who are active military have confirmed this to our military sources, with them all using the same phrase, saying their military buddies were “recalled to base” because the Insurrection Act was in effect. Inactive military members are being activated.

Last night, MonkeyWerx (MW) said Trump was at the White House along with a seven-foot fence and SEVEN THOUSAND troops inside. More on him later. This starts the end of the deep state. Before I go into all the AMAZING events that took place last night, you need to be aware of a few things and take some actions… First of all, Parler wasn’t just taken down, Apple removed it from their servers completely. Parler says they have separate dedicated servers and will be up “soon,” but that is going to be hard to do. Google is getting ready to nuke a TON of websites, which means you will not be able to access them. Apple is also planning on updating your phone to DISABLE your emergency alert system.

Think about that… Disabling your ability to be warned of an emergency. This will lead to them losing their company, possibly. Anyways, TURN OFF your Apple auto-update feature RIGHT NOW. What we know is that in the next 24-72 hours all hell is going to break loose, and we will get numerous broadcasts on the EAS. Go to your phone’s settings, look at the notifications and scroll all the way to the bottom to make sure they are turned on. ALL of mine were disabled.

This is also a VERY dangerous time for false flags, so try to minimize exposure, and be sure to be stocked up. LW managed to warn us to be ready for an imminent blackout. Will we be able to communicate with each other through phone or text? Uncertain, so assume we won’t be able to just to be safe. All of this is because the long-awaited pain promised by Q is being delivered RIGHT now. With all social media being down, and websites being blocked and censored, getting reliable info is going to be very difficult.

In fact, I generally don’t post a Sunday email even under dire circumstances because I need the respite, but I anticipate the ability to contact anyone this way to be taken away soon. By the way, also be sure to download videos, books, movies, make games available off line, etc., because you might not have ANY access for up to a week.

With that, here’s what we know, and some of this comes from one of the top three most trusted sources who gave the same caveat I keep giving… NO ONE can predict the timing as new events alter plans. In fact, the N@zi Pelosi laptop triggered an IMMEDIATE military operation that was done in a SPECTACULAR fashion.

One aside, the fact we have her laptop isn’t speculation as her top aid admitted it was taken. It wasn’t just that, they got seven hard drives out of her office as well. LOL! Lead a fake “storming of the capitol” only to have it lead to the best evidence of your own criminal activity. She was so used to being able to be an open criminal that NO precautions were taken to hide the tre@son.

One more aside, Pete Santilli was given highly classified info, admitting he couldn’t tell us most of it, but he was allowed to post a picture of files from her laptop with a message being delivered to HER – since one of the names listed is a doomsday name for her.

Back on point, what they found was a covert tre@sonous deal was about to take place in Pakistan. They were about to sell General Electric to Chyyyna, and that deal was set to take place in P@kistan in a day or less. The reason that is HUGE is because General Electric provides gear for our military which was set to be given to Chyyyna in a deal – which is a direct national security threat. If anyone in the military had any lingering doubts as to her tre@son, they should be gone now.

Trump was supposed to address the nation last night, but instead military ops took priority and an insane 40% of ALL of P@kistan went dark as our boys do what they do. Kick @ss and take names. Deal ended. But we were just getting started…

The Vatican, THE source of funding for most operations went dark last night for eight hours. All roads were closed. Eight bell rings were heard every fifteen minutes during the black out. It is being reported the Pope was arrested and charged with 80 counts of trafficking and pedophilia, but this is a bit less reliable. Regardless, something went down in the Vatican, and I have no doubt we recovered a TON of information: bank accounts, hard drives, etc., and I also believe the Pope was taken in. What they found in the Vatican may also change the next events.

Want more awesomeness? Good… The US-Canadian border is basically on lockdown. A curfew was put into place in Quebec. The Eiffel Tower and area around it went dark. Roads all through London were closed. Active military was deployed to Mexifornia. Berlin went dark due to operations surrounding Dominion. The airspace over Reagan Int’l Airport is closed. The flag at the White is being flown at half- staff. MW said they found a bug inside a fan at the White House which has led to Trump leaving the WH headed overseas. MW said they have now changed the transponder on the E-B4 to make it look like a smaller plane and it will go dark.

Expect Trump’s location to be UNKNOWN for ten days or more. MW says he is going overseas. Another source says he is a Wright Patterson. The point is, he is going to be moved and guarded like a chess piece and will be totally secure. Q told us he is safe at Castle_Rock.

THIS is the moment you ALL! Are you as excited as I am? Do you see NOW why they haven’t told us what is going on? Events are fluid as new info emerges. And this is a GLOBAL operation! So awesome. YOU have a front seat view to HISTORY! We are just getting started with the awesome.

There is word there will be complete power outages in London including water. Remember MI- 6 is behind a BUNCH of this, so expect a ton of activity in the UK. It won’t matter. NO ONE can defeat our military, especially our spec ops. They are DOOMED.

An Italian judge signed an arrest warrant for the PRIME MINISTER of Italy along with their top general. Word is they will get, in return, to claim that their satellites “glitched” rather than tell the world they tried to overthrow the US government.

One of the most reliable sources said the big names we all want to see before a firing squad aren’t the first targets. They will be arrested in phase two as this operation will take place over weeks. I have no doubt that he is reporting to us what he was told, but I think that plan will change. Why? They are pushing articles of impeachment through urgently, and since MOST of Congress committed tre@son, this is their ONLY chance to counter Trump. It won’t matter, and it might doom them.

How awesome would it be for them to convene to vote on the impeachment only to be stormed by the 10th National Brigade right there in Congress? Talk about an all-time video moment! I really hope Trump really does bring some HWood flair and theatrics into this. Remember N@zi Pelosi handing out impeachment pens?

How about our soldiers handing out gold handcuffs? How about this bit of information that ALL military sources are reporting? True patriot and American hero, General Flynn, is set to be named VP. So much AWESOMENESS!

MW just posted a video saying that military air traffic over the US right now is ten TIMES higher than normal. There’s more. Apparently, Trump has been talking with foreign leaders who all agree that the actions of social media are posing a national security threat – which is as CLEAR as day at this point – so they are set to take over and nationalize them ALL.

One inside source says that Trump wants to use the EAS as a last resort. I don’t think he will have a choice. Other sources say to expect HOURS of information to be sent through the EAS detailing what has happened, showing their guilt.

LW said ALL the ped0phile stuff will be exposed and that he has seen the evidence himself. He said to expect The Fuhrer (Obama), Hillarnazi, Benedict Roberts, N@zi Pelosi, Pence, Bill Gates, Epstein and THOUSANDS more. Absolutely DISGUSTING and evil. JUSTICE is coming, hopefully in the form of a firing squad.

We just learned N@zi Pelosi’s brother is a ped0phile. There is no end to their evil. Are you familiar with the Lincoln Project? A group of anti-Trumper republicans? One of their top leaders was exposed a gay ped0phile. This is SO rampant, and so evil. Trump will go down as a SAVIOR when the dust settles.

Japan is awesome as their citizens are switching their headers on Twitter to pics of Trump to show their support! Conservatives everywhere are deleting their twitter accounts.

Here is my prediction. Twitter, FakeBook and Google won’t exist in six months. If they do, they will have someone in charge appointed by Trump. All those billionaires will be rotting in Gitm0 and all their wealth seized. Amazon might have the same fate.

This was posted to8kun by a guy who I think is part of the Qteam without using the officialQ post. The first several paragraphs are what he posted weeks ago, but the body has changed. He has said the EAS will be used as I mentioned above, and warned us not to travel to major cities – especially Philadelphia as riots are going to be CRUSHED. OnlyBlackLivesMatter and Pantifa are about to learn what happens when thugs go against men who fight back instead of old ladies and isolated soy boys. PLEASE wear cameras on your body armor so we can see the bullet entrance and exit points.

Liberals STILL cling to the fact there “is no evidence” of fraud even with Italian OFFICIALS ADMITTING to it. There was a plane crash in Indonesia yesterday killing 62. Q has told us 70% of place crashes are actually assassinations and unfortunately the bystander sheep in the plane, o well, they got their target. General Milley must be paying attention as he is out there today telling us he isn’t deep state. I think he is, but I think he knows that if he acts to counter Trump, he is DEAD.

Remember, N@zi Pelosi tried to get the military to turn on Trump, and they refused. Our guys are fighting back. The anons are SO awesome. They posted the EXACT GPS coordinates to the Fuhrer’s (Obama) house along with a satellite image of the neighborhood and a Google street picture of his house. One million signatures have been recorded for the recall of Newsolini in Mexifornia. Won’t matter. He is going to Gitm0 for sure. The AZ GOP censured Cindy McCain. For the many new people, John McStain was executed by the Qteam for tre@son.

In case you forget that YOU are part of this war, Satan’s Puppet and dead man walking Brennan demanded Mao-like public humiliation sessions for Trump supporters into to be allowed back into society. Patrick Byrne said the FBI took jurisdiction in GA two days ago and shredded ALL ballots from the election. That makes the election invalid along with all the fraud we already have on record.

I am on record for saying I don’t think there is ANYTHING redeemable about the FBI. I am DONE with people saying it is 90% good guys, because 100% of their actions are TREA$ON. Destroy the entire organization NOW. As bad as they are, the CIA is the worst of worst. Be it killing JFK, 9/11, the false flags, the forever wars, whatever. Now we know they PURPOSEFULLY flooded the bl@ck community’s with crack cocaine. How can anyone do these things with good conscience?

A quick aside. Those receiving this are like-minded and aware of REALITY. Most of my family die-hard, braindead liberals. I mean as die hard as you can get, yet here I am, completely opposed to everything they stand for. The point is, I told my stepmother to be ready to shelter at home for up to two weeks, telling her to expect a lack of comms, internet, etc. She actually asked why, and I gave the vaguest answers possible, but she kept asking, so I gave her the complete truth, to be met with braindead liberal bumper sticker slogans that are empty and devoid of substance. She said Trump is an “embarrassment,” will be convicted of crimes, no evidence of fraud,” ALL of it. I asked her to provide ONE example of the awful things orange man did, providing her a tsunami of contrary evidence. There is, of course, no logical response, just “orange man bad.” What’s the point? There are people who are absolutely CLUELESS as to what is going on and will deny reality when it is dropped right in their lap. There will be taped confessions and they will STILL be in denial. Charlie Ward was raised in a cult, literally, and he said when he broke free, it took him an incredible 2.5 YEARS to adapt to true reality. I think we can expect the same from braindead liberals. I told my stepmother she had better start preparing to come to terms with the fact that she worshipped, supported and funded satanic pedophile traitors working with foreign enemies to destroy the country – as the facts ALWAYS come to the forefront and truth ends up winning. It’s going to be rough for them, but who cares? I am still going to LOVE it. Patriotic images… The rally the rallies, a lifer and finally one that deserves commentary.

I hope you all can truly appreciate what Trump has sacrificed and done for US. He gave up EVERYTHING for US. Few have sacrificed more for the good of all. I can’t think of any greater patriot than him. Truly an amazing person deserving of every accolade possible… Parler is about to blow, here’s a summary. The world is under the control of several trans-generational crime syndicates and elite death cults who merged in recent years under the common goal to impose a one-world despotic government and population reduction to the tune of 90%. After completely compromising every form of global power using ped0philic blackmail as their favored method, elements in the US military loyal to the Republic devised a sophisticated plan of incomprehensible precision to root them out and expose their crimes to the world such that humanity would never allow it to happen again. Trump’s first term was for installing the legal framework for a sting operation to ensnare them in a web of treas0n, espion@ge and electi0n theft, while demonstrating to the people how close we had come to a commun0-f@scist hellscape of tyr@nny echoing the 3rd Reich. You’ve just turned to the final chapter of a spectacular story that will resonate throughout the ages. God bless USA. 🇺🇸