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human resilience … THEY attempt to crush, we go to Plan B … C … D … E …

The SCAM-DEMIC was used in a plan to close all small businesses (the heart of our culture and economy), turn most of us into “UNEMPLOYED” – then force all future transactions and employment opportunities to be with big corporate, big government, welfare or camps [can you pronounce “forced labor” or “slavery”?].

I am not saying they have lost, but we are winning a few skirmishes. Witness the unemployment chart to the right – courtesy of – important to note that the charts from are REAL DATA, not manipulated numbers… nice that we have that resource available.

The HUGE spike in unemployment was the government shutting down small businesses. Almost all employment in this country is self-employed, working for a company with 20 or fewer employees or anywhere in between.
The ruling elite CLOSED all of those.

Amazon, Costco, Wal Mart, Home Depot and other mega-corps were ALLOWED to remain in business. Mega-corporations and government are all on the same team. The only jobs remaining acceptable to Big Government were in Big Corporate, Big Government or on the dole. Small business was deliberately, strategically CRUSHED.

Totalitarian government dictate closed the number one employer in our country… suddenly… without warning… without justification. Unemployment streaked skyward. More than one out of every three was jobless … rapidly approaching homeless. I repeat: one out of every three breadwinners were jobless, by government fiat.

You had future bureaucrats in your classrooms when you were in school. They were the ones running on sympathy Cs and Ds, getting passed to the next grade so the teachers wouldn’t have to see them again next year. “Not too bright” is, I hope, a PC way to phrase it. (Okay, you know I really don’t give a shit about PC – it just seemed like the PC thing to say. 🙂 ).

With the groundwork established I move to The Good News depicted in the chart. The spike in unemployment is instantly followed by a plummet in unemployment. These unpredictable humans just go and adapt.

Real people do that.

“They” make rules, “We” figure out how to run semi-normal lives within their rules.

We have an unfair advantage against those who made it through government education systems with Cs and Ds.

I accept that. 🙂

There is another level that I suspect is unavoidable …
“THEY” continue their relentless, senseless pressure until it all explodes.
I think WE win, but that is very much up in the air.