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ANTIFA arrives at Trump rally with police escorts

Busloads of ANTIFA arrive with 6-car police escorts. They disgorge contents right in front of the Capitol while everyone else has to walk miles to get there.

The planners and schemers knew we would get this footage. They knew we would share it. One objective is to strengthen the divide between those with faith in the government, media and world ruler indoctrination programs and those of us getting our information from the independent reporters on the World Wide Web.

I lost two more associates who have seen everything they need to know on propaganda teevee. They don’t need any more information that what they are supposed to think.

This is actually working FOR us. We can see clearly who the astute, thinkers, stalwarts are. Who can be counted on when it gets hot is being sorted out for us in advance.

Below is another video I meant to share earlier that very much relates to the escorted ANTIFA. This is a planned, coordinated False Flag event with Trump very much a part of it.

It is THEM against US. Pay attention. Know who THEM is. (grammatically correct if you get the context right)