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DC rally was staged – particularly the big action moments – FAKE SHOOTING

Late Breaking News: The woman in the window was shot with BLANKS… climbed down, padded her landing with backpack, applied fake blood AFTER the landing, wouldn’t allow close inspection because it was staged. I will put that video below my overview video that I recorded before this news came in.

In this first video, I cover what was clear from the get-go. The socialists and Democratic loyalists get one view of the whole thing from lamestream media. We get a completely different

This was specifically designed to divide us.

Many are glad 2020 is history thinking 2021 HAS TO BE BETTER. Sorry gang – you thought the foreplay was fun … you will soon be nostalgic for it.

It is getting harder to imagine how they will play this out, but the hunters, shooters, veterans, conservatives, independents, libertarians and plain old curmudgeons will not roll over for whatever they do after installing the ugliest slate ever to run for that office.

The divisiveness is designed to make the other side angry enough to get more violent and destructive when Trump declares martial law. The dangerous guys stand down because their messiah tells them to while the socialists try to tear the country down.

The AI is watching everything we say, do, write and text. The cloud, the schemers know how we feel, and how many of us will back that up. In order to meet their published goals, Trump has to be in a position to get a large part of the citizen army to stand down.

In my first video I promised to put the images here where they could be better appreciated, and copied if that was wanted. Here they are.