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A high school senior I know who has demonstrated strong academic performance has been offered $1,000 towards tuition at the college she currently plans to attend.

Upon hearing about that I coined the term “PRE-BAIT”.

Today’s teens are on track to know nothing about economics … just like everyone else. A thousand bucks sounds pretty exciting in their small world. It is going to take them more than four years to catch the bigger picture of the destination this track takes them to.

The standard now is a four-year degree in soft-core education with no commensurate income enhancement; a $100,000 college debt to be paid off over the next 50 years working their way up from table-wiping, through burger-flipping on to shelf-stocking and cash register operation.

Clever colleges are now offering a 1% discount in cash on a product whose price quintupled while its value shrunk to zero.

There is a reason the only economics taught in our universities is the Keynesian flim-flam, and that only to those who specialize in wanting to speak the voodoo-economic language of the current economic/banking sector.

While the 8th-grade math of 1950 could explain it, the current common core model makes sure their products cannot calculate mathematical products, quotients, differences or sums.

You can bet the trade schools won’t be offering similar bribes. They choose instead to sell real value, for a fraction of the price in both dollars and time.