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January 6th Trump rally in DC

The DC mayor has aligned all forces possible against those coming to support Trump. It is dangerous, uncomfortable and very unwelcoming. I would not go even if I were within a day’s drive.

However, look at the huge crowd of patriotic people who have the courage and strength to show up on a cold January morning.

I don’t know how the show will develop, but it will be interesting.

A perfect example of the instructions given to the DC fuzz by those who sign their paychecks is their refusal to deal with the BLM woman who sucker-punched the MAGA woman.

Watch the video below to see the action.
Punch to the face.
MAGA guys hustle the assailant to the nearby police lines.
Cops indicate refusal to do anything about it.
MAGA crowd starts to get angry.
Smart guys in crowd separate the good guys from the cops.
Situation diffused.
Not by cops, but by patriots.