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Great Falls Biden / Harris rally

You are here.
Therefore I know you will appreciate the humor.
It made me chuckle,
so I share this flash of humor that you too may get your giggle for the day.

Today MILLIONS of people are converging on a very inhospitable Washington DC where the mayor has tried to shut down all lodging, restaurants, public restrooms and water for the visitors.

The fascists (ANTIFA, BLM) have police escorts for their busses while the Trump supporters face closed bridges, Facebook map scrambling and other efforts to undermine their show of support. ANTIFA spread the word that their guys were supposed to don MAGA gear before they do their normal vandalizing and thuggery things.

It will be a heckuva show in The Swamp

Meanwhile, all of the Biden/Harris supporters in Montana converge in Great Falls for a show of support… All 7 of them. The press photographer waited until a window shopper could bolster their numbers before snapping his press photo.

The brain-power behind the protest had this insightful bit to share with us:

Organizer Melissa Smith say’s she coordinated the rally to show support for election results. Saying those who gathered today believe in a peaceful transfer of power.

“We need to acknowledge that Biden and Harris won by a significant amount and that it wasn’t fraudulent and that this is going to be our president,” said Smith.

Note they are all standing in the great outdoors socially distanced from the highly contagious others while wearing their magical force-fields over their mouths.

Enjoy your popcorn and theater. The next days and week will be fun to watch.