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Epstein arising from the dead?

Back in August I expressed my skepticism regarding the Epstein suicide or suicided story. It was obvious to me that his capacity as a witness with solid evidence in his back pocket posed a serious threat to the high and mighty who had long, strong histories of murdering anyone who became inconvenient. Thus anyone who wanted his incriminating evidence for future use would have to insure his life against the most connected killers on Earth.

I knew this. They all knew this.

Operating under the assumption that the Trump team was actually interested in prosecuting pedophiles I figured they executed a credible fake death to make it easier to keep Epstein alive in a witness protection program that would have to be among the best ever run.

In the last few days I am seeing the concept of “Epstein lives” from numerous sources. That, combined with the more public, higher-level pedophile take-downs has me thinking the time for him to pop back up as a witness is now drawing near.

That is a part of this grand theater I am really looking forward to. Many of the big-name super-creepy psychopaths are also insatiable pedophiles, along with practicing their Satanic religion and human sacrifice. Taking them out would certainly boost the humanity average among the people living on this planet.

P.S. Be very skeptical if Trump is assassinated. It is not outside the realm of the current theater for them to dramatically move him on to a non-public position if it suits their long-term objectives.