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Pam Popper – PURE GOLD – how, why, effects and solution to Scam-Demic

A great interview with a fearless advocate for health knowledge and against medical tyranny. While she does not expect mindless sheep to do anything, those who know what is really going on MUST ACT constructively.

Knowledge can start or grow by understanding the truth – she delivers in an easy-going factual style. Her 25-year business is health education – making knowledge available to medical professionals and their customers.

The advocacy program she co-created is:
Please follow the link and consider joining the resistance to medical tyranny.

Below are my notes from watching it. The hopefully will encourage you to check it out for yourselves. – Ted

When you put that mask on you are helping them.
When you close your business you are helping them.
Refuse to Participate

If everyone stops complying, IT IS OVER! is taking them to court in ways that can work. Others get tossed aside with “It is within their emergency powers”. These are going state-by-state asking merely that they prove the basis for invoking emergency powers. The states cannot, and will not. The courts have to rule against The State.

To the go-alongs: If I don’t stand up, where will we end up?

They have told us their goal, the destination:
You will own nothing and be happy about it. 🙁

This scam has triggered a major shifting in friendships and acquaintanceships.
I don’t want anything to do with people who can tolerate and facilitate such evil and criminal behavior.

They don’t want to associate with those who are not as “socially responsible” per their mythology.

About that being happy with it thing…

The video to the right is a proposed physical mind altering program via upper-respiratory virus presentation made by Bill Gates to a handful of Pentagon leaders fifteen years ago.

The bad news is that Bill Gates is taking over the 25-year-old Chemtrails Program. That implies to me that his mind-altering respiratory virus can now be distributed via aerosol spraying.

Take darn good care of your health.