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2005 brain-altering proposal to Pentagon

Here is a video by Anonymous of Gates in 2005 giving a proposal to a Pentagon audience for eliminating the portion of the human brain involved in “religious fundamentalism” via an engineered upper respiratory infection.

You don’t suppose they have improved and implemented that in the last 15 years, do you?

Far worse news is that in the last week Gates has announced
he will “BEGIN airborne aerosol dispersion to blanket Earth’s atmosphere”
… supposedly to combat global warming… that great fiction used to transfer wealth and power to the globalists.

Most importantly, the chemtrails program is over 20 years old and NOW Gates claims to be starting it. That tells us two really important things:

1) They are coming out of the closet with the chemtrails. The denial program is ending.

2) They most likely have now found a way to spread the mind-altering upper-respiratory flu-like illness via chemtrails.

The only thing I can recommend is to maintain your upper-respiratory health as well as you possibly can. Avoid spending much time outside on heavy spray days. If you don’t know what those are you probably don’t have much to lose anyway.


For more information on chemtrails the Global Sky Watch website is great.