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Nashville AT&T false flag

Once again the FBI has done INCREDIBLE investigative work. In 24 hours they found the lone wolf who loaded up a motor home full of explosives and blew up the phone hub which also served as an NSA information portal covering the Georgia area which is currently a hotbed of election fraud investigation.

not credible, not believable, beyond belief, unrealistic, FAKE, BS.

As you can see in the video to the right, there was no motor home in front of the exploding building when the blast took place. There were no vehicles at all parked nearby – of any size, flavor, make or model.

This was not the only exploding facility in the last couple weeks. Why? I have no idea, except it is all part of their plan. The end goals are clear. They etched them in stone.

The people blowing things up for their false flag events almost always use pre-planted explosives or military missiles. On their home turf they do not fear being caught by forces they are fully in control of. Heck, they can blow US Marine Corps barracks up in Lebanon, ports in Beirut, ATF buildings in Oklahoma, towers in New York City and take chunks out of The Pentagon without fear of reprisals.

That is all in addition to their overt military destruction without justification.

Fershur things are heating up. How hot, how fast … I dunno, but be ready for hot, soon.