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super special solstice ~ December 21st

Monday will be the shortest day of the year. The sun will be reborn ~ emerge from its cave ~ signal a new year ~~~ There have been many ways to perceive and often celebrate the winter solstice. We should at least NOTICE IT.

Really exciting for astronomers and celestial naturalists of all stripes is the coincidental alignment of Jupiter and Saturn on this day. Really pumping it up for astrologists is the further coincidence of transitioning to The Age Of Aquarius.

Some are predicting MAJOR CHANGES or fantastic drama for this day. A bit hard for me to reach that level of excitement, but it most certainly deserves notice, perhaps celebration – maybe a good bottle of wine or some extra meditation.

Here is some of what others are highlighting on this special event:

we’re entering the Age of Aquarius

Why The Jupiter And Saturn Conjunction During The 2020 Winter Solstice Is Extra Special

A rare celestial event will help mark the Winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere on Monday, Dec. 21.

Jupiter and Saturn are currently appearing very close together from an earthly vantage point. These two gas giants are in conjunction, an occurrence that happens every 20 years or so.

This one though, is extra special.

“Really, really close conjunctions like this one are quite rare,” said Hal Bidlack with the Colorado Springs Astronomical Society. “We haven’t been able to observe Jupiter and Saturn this close since the year 1226. And we won’t see them again this close for decades and decades to come.”

The two planets were last about this close together in the year 1623. But the pairing occurred while the planets were close to the sun from earth’s perspective, Bidlack said, and the sight was basically washed out in the sun’s glare.

2020 winter solstice brings rare sight

A Very Special Solstice

At 1002 GMT on Monday 21st December, winter will begin. It will be the hour when the Sun stands still and, for a moment, time stops: it will be the Solstice, a Solstice like no other as Saturn confronts Jupiter and the Aquarian Age begins, forcing the death of old forms and the birth of new beginnings.

This is the day when, every year, light is scarcest and darkness lingers in the longest night as the Sun waits to be reborn, and for a new cycle of life to begin. For thousands of years, pagan worshippers have built pyramids and temples designed precisely to capture the first rays of the Sun as it rises once more to bless and nurture Earth, and on the day itself the dormant memory of your part in these ancient celebrations may come to life as you remember past Solstices, perhaps with nostalgia for how it was before in simpler times as you think about the significance of the December Solstice in 2020 and wonder what is to come.

The winter Solstice marks the ending of one year and the beginning of a new one; there may be sadness for what is gone as you witness the dying of the year, an era of experience that never will be repeated, and there may be a longing for the comfort of company, familiarity, and a sense of community unity to compensate for the sense of loss, particularly when this year has been one marked by change, separation and challenge for many people. You will be moving into the unknown, next Monday, and the long dark night before the shortest day is a reminder of the spiritual mystery of your life and being, and the influence of Sun and Moon upon you.

Your special Winter Solstice 2020 horoscope is here

This year something quite extraordinary is happening. Jupiter, the source of joviality and joy is forming a union with Saturn — a conjunction, a Great Conjunction in fact. They come once every twenty years but this year’s conjunction, which will take place right on the Winter Solstice, is a special one.

I’ll explain why. In the past 200 years, these conjunctions occurred in the earth signs of Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo, marking a focus on materialism, the creation of capital and the birth of the corporation. This December 21 is special because Jupiter and Saturn will meet in Aquarius, an air sign — thus beginning 200 years of air sign conjunctions in Aquarius, Gemini and Libra. The focus of life will shift the emphasis from the material to an era of thought, philosophy and technology. It will bring with it the growth of compassion and brotherly love.

A Very Special Winter Solstice

Speaking of Christmas, a very special aspect of the Winter Solstice that will take place this year is the appearance of the “Christmas Star”! It is actually the reflection of two planets, Jupiter and Saturn – our solar system’s two largest planets – that will align, or appear so close to each other from Earth’s perspective, as to resemble an especially bright star. The planets will appear to be one-tenth of a degree apart to astronomers (though they actually remain millions of miles apart). The Christmas Star will be briefly visible, right after sunset on the night of the solstice, just above the southwestern horizon. This alignment happens only about once every 20 years, which is rare enough, but they have not come this close since March 4, 1226 – almost 800 years!