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Major happenings hiding behind election theater

Remember when Trump told us that the USArmy and OTHER MILITARY FORCES were ready to distribute the vaccine? That made two things very clear.

1) He is not on our side. There is nothing beneficial about a forced vaccine with an estimated 15%-20% fatality rate and unknown, but apparent already extraordinarily high injury rate for a virus with a 99.9% survival rate. There is zero healthy justification for this DNA-altering drug. This is pure Deep State takeover of the human race.

2) The USofA and unnamed foreign troops are preparing to go to war against us.

Meanwhile, the election theater is headed for either martial law or the insurrection act, which is martial law on steroids. It is absolutely not headed for a Harris presidency nor will Dementia Joe be installed even briefly. That would trigger a Civil War II that they don’t think they will win.

I cover much of that in the video clip above. There is more to it, but that will have to wait for future posts and videos.