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Martial law on the visible horizon

The picture crystallized for me today.

The signs are clear now. There is no other way.

The script writers, directors and actors are playing their roles. The primary audience is getting all excited, jumping up-and-down yelling “Death To Our Enemies” and ready for the battle to begin. In this culture that means the armed contingents will open fire while the couch potatoes cheer wildly.

As I have been saying for a while, The Trump Fan Club will cheerfully keep their rifles separated from their ammunition as long as their Messiah appears to be on top of it all.

The vaccine rollout will continue unabated. The Chemtrails, Geoengineering and epic disastrous weather will continue unabated. FEMA Camps will become occupied rather than disappearing. Censorship will become more apparent. Store shelves will become empty. The Dollar will die. FedCoin will replace it.

The Darkest Winter is upon us..

P.S. I noticed my battery signalling RED ALERT and cut off before the “BE HAPPY in spite of it all” closing I intended to put at the end. Do remember to keep your spirits up as well as those around you.

Share some JOY and KINDNESS whenever you can.