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We are at war; you are living in a war zone

This is what 4th-Generation-War looks like. It is mainly comprised of psychological operations to manipulate the masses. Skirmishes here and there will not be widely reported. Eventually they spread and the imitation of normal life breaks down completely.

I explain the big picture on down to the local and personal impact in this video. I have touched on much of it in my web-posts. Rummage around,,, to see my essays and links to supporting evidence from around the world.

Go to my Bugler account to see my collection of videos from experts who KNOWINGLY risk their lives to get the truth out to us.

Lamestream media can’t touch me for delivering THE TRUTH to you. From those presstitutes, the truth is an accident. From me being incorrect is a mistake I don’t make very often.

This video is a summary snapshot of where we are. I will continue to share what I know, what I see and what you should be paying attention to. Check back regularly.

– Ted

P.S. While my websites are tiny, obscure, with few regular visitors, the globalists are hacking at them every day trying to break in from many locations around the world.

Interestingly, they try the same hack over and over from Sri-Lanka, Lithuania, UK, Germany, UAE, China, Vietnam, and so on, all over the world. Then they change to a different hack and again try from around the globe. This is not a small time player.

Odds are I am over the target or they wouldn’t bother.