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sight-in Round-TUIT

Coulda-shoulda- dunnit sooner, but nevermind all that, I got my new Sightmark scope sighted in … and had fun in the process.

The Wraith is an electronic scope that has now impressed me A LOT. It is my first non-mechanical scope, but not my most expensive. Yet it was considered a breakthrough at the February 2020 SHOT SHOW in that you could use it both day and night AND it was very reasonably priced at $400 on the street.

For this particular rifle, thousand-yard shots are not on the agenda, nor even half that. A couple hundred is the outer reach for my 300 AAC Blackout. It doesn’t take a thousand dollar scope to reliably deliver accuracy at that range.

Today’s exercise was around 25 yards to get a usable ZERO. Hot Dang! I got one! Shoot once. Go through the menu to tell the scope where I aimed and where the bullet hole was and the next shot was SPOT ON!… okay, a fraction to the left. A couple more pokes on the controls and I was close enough for my purposes… witness the FIVE SHOT GROUP above. The first shot was a bit left as I was not quite mentally engaged when I sent it downrange. The next four make one ragged hole. Good enough for my purposes.

I am not particularly methodical, patient or persistent. I have shot with many who could spend a lot more time working for the ultimate itsy-bitsy braggable minute shot group. I consider them better shooters than myself. I am, however, satisfied with my level as it is… “Pretty good for a farmer”.

The friend who came over today helping inspire my “day off” at the shooting range considered himself a competent shooter. I would put the same label on myself. I continue to be surprised that my own “competent level” is far more accurate and rapid than other non-competition shooters I spend range time with.

After a couple of five-shot groups punching single-ragged-holes, I needed to move on to other entertainments. I have a home-made reactive-target rack of supplement bottles on strings. Created out of scraps, it cost nothing but time to make – and obviously not much of that.

I didn’t measure the distance, but would guess about thirty yards from me to the pill-bottle-plate-rack that I leaned up against a tree.

Sitting on a stool behind my scrappy table with my Blackout on a bipod I was whacking those supplement bottles with every trigger squeeze.

Okay. That is FUN.

I left the pill-bottle-rack up on the hill for future use.

It should be easy and convenient to go plinking any time inspiration strikes. Having the bottle-rack hanging out on my hill all the time ought to serve that purpose… fire at will… “Which one is Will?”