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killing the entrepreneurs

en·​tre·​pre·​neur | \ ˌän-trə-p(r)ə-ˈnər
Definition of entrepreneur:
one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise

I add to that:
The engine of a vital, creative, productive and healthy society.

I created a small business flier fifteen years ago as part of my election and Libertarian Party promotion campaigns. The numbers might have changed between then and a year ago, but the principles and percentages won’t have. The front panel of 6 from that brochure is to the right. A .pdf of the whole flier is here: small business

Entrepreneurs and small businesses ARE the reason for the successful “great American experiment”. The freedom to pursue your own ideas, take the risks and work your butt off pursuing your passion are how our society became as good as it WAS.

The lockdowns, mandates, social distancing, virus fear mongering – the whole package introduced in the beginning of this year has CRUSHED small business. Many have gone away altogether never to arise again. Generations of work and creativity that provided honorable livings day after day, year after year have been destroyed.

This was neither accidental or coincidental. It is a major part of THE PLAN.

United Nations Agenda 21, updated to Agenda 2030 is specific on the topic. Their vision is a global human population of 500,000,000 (a 97% reduction from today) living in a handful of huge cities scattered around the planet. There they are easily monitored, controlled, regimented and plod to work at their assigned tasks while a small cadre of SUPERIORS live large and dictate to the rest.

Independent thinking and action is unwelcome in their Brave New World.

Speaking of dependence, a few days ago a report out of Dallas claimed 25,000 people in line at a local food bank. Twenty five thousand hungry Texans thanks to “our” government shutting down everything but government itself and its big-box corporate sponsors.

Other stark evidence of “their success” comes from where the real numbers expose the cooked books the government claims as our robust economic picture. Looking at the chart below, which do you believe reflects reality, the red or blue line?

Those people standing in line for a meal would be much more likely to believe the real data rather than the government claims.
real unemployment numbers

So while the carnie hucksters have nearly everybody watching their POTUS election theater, small businesses are disappearing at a frightening pace. Mom’n’Pop shops are closed by governors, mayors and unelected bureaucrats giving orders that have no foundation in law. The hits are coming so fast and furious that punch-drunk people accept illegal mandates as if they had validity.

The Donald is softening up his worshipers to accept The Vaccine and the global e-currency. Were Biden or Harris to suggest it, the patriots, hunters, veterans and other strong thinkers would resist with their entire beings. This show, and through this messiah are the only ways they can sell the DNA destruction along with crushing liberty and the entrepreneurs globally.

Those of us who would rather fight than accept the death or autistic life promised by their vaccine need to pay close attention, and do whatever we can to wake up the sheep being herded to the cliff. Everything that makes life fun and interesting is at stake.

In case you didn’t see it already, the video below is my suggestion for an alternative to their plans for our communities. Granted, they are spending more time with the setup than I anticipated, but the end game is clear and the time is near.