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If the other guy is declared POTUS, it is WAR!

All of the news sources that Biden/Harris fans see, hear and read declare their team as victors. They know nothing of reprogrammed voting machines, flood of questionable (putting it gently) ballots, media, tech giant and other influences over the election and reporting thereof. Anyone mentioning such things is speaking in tongues, irrational, and criminally delusional. They ALL KNOW THESE TO BE FACTS.

All of the news sources that Trump fans see, hear and read declare their team as victors and the other side as corrupt criminals of the highest order. A perfect mirror image of their arch enemies.

Both sides will be *SHOCKED* if they lose.
Both sides will go to war if they lose.
You do understand this means Civil War II (CW2) is inevitable, don’t you?

Two authors who have more than a little experience in such wars discuss the election, the fraud the investigation and the publicity for the first 20 minutes or so of this video. It is accurate and incisive; a clear picture of where we are in the process and how it may go from here.

Much more important is the rest of the discussion. What will this country look like by February? What will the cities around you look like? What will rural USofA look like? What should YOU do about it?

You are here. I have touched on all these subjects. Hear it now from these experts.

For further information and/or to support the creators of this video, visit their websites linked below.

Fernando Aguirre website
Matt Bracken website