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How to kill your little shop in The Bitterroot

I wandered downstream to Hamilton (population 5,000) yesterday. I went into the small bookstore where there were two masked workers but no customers.

Before I could get into my browsing one of the two informed me, “We require masks”.

I said, “Okay”, turned and headed towards the door.

She called out that “We have masks you can use by the door.”

Over my shoulder I replied, “No thank you” without breaking stride.

I certainly had no plans to be a big customer, but I was all they had. Consciously or not, knowledgeably or not, they chose zero over one.

Rocky Mountain Easter Seals Goodwill’s newest and smallest store selling donated stuff is the only other shop in The Bitterroot where I feel out of place showing my face, my whole uncovered face, that is.

Around here we are smarter and stronger than that.

Perhaps there is a softer community in need of a new bookstore.



Maybe they should check with OSHA:

Two OSHA mask experts blow up mask use and mask mandates

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