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Fast Buck Freddie

In 1975 The Jefferson Starship released album Red Octopus with the song Fast Buck Freddie on it. The lyrics railed against the Feral Reserve stealing our wealth right before our eyes that were squeezed tightly shut. This group of musicians did that quite a bit – tried to open our eyes to the evil lurking in our political “representatives”.

Click the play arrow above to hear what they tried to tell us 35 years ago. The dollar bill of the time could be folded in certain ways to create an image of a joker shooting himself with a handgun. That was Feral Reserve humor as they laughed their butts off while sucking the value out of our hard-earned dollars. The Jefferson Starship was calling them out on that.

Whenever I hear this song I am reminded of how ignorant I was then. It should make me more sympathetic with those who still are, but DANG! The information is so easy to come by on the Internet. It seems so obvious to me. How can anyone not know?

The banksters, globalists, feral reserve, our rulers, the elites …
All we want is to be left alone, harvesting the fruits of our labors, living with the results we deserve.

Ah, but perhaps our deliberate ignorance of the fancy-suit criminal class is why we are getting what we apparently deserve. Maybe not as individuals, but certainly as a culture.

Coming soon, our turn with collapse of our economic system.

This time we won’t have paper dollars littering the streets or require wheelbarrows of them to buy a loaf of bread. Modern technology will turn them into easily controlled bits and bytes.

Today the banksters manipulate the prices of gold and silver by overwhelming real precious metal exchanges with their fraudulent paper pretend-trades among themselves. Gold and silver are a tremendous bargain at their artificially low rates today. Silver, by the way, is the better bargain of the two, with rounds or old coins being the most usable form thereof.

One day very soon those bits of metal will be the only medium in our barter-and-exchange economy that can provide the ability to exchange very unlike values, such as apples the cobbler doesn’t need for pairs of shoes the farmer does need.

UN-Coin or whatever they call their Gen III fake currency won’t do that, or anything at all for you unless THEY allow it.

That, by the way, is called slavery or feudalism.