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The Great Show is boring me

The Greatest Show in several centuries, perhaps the most interesting ever for humanity and they stalled out on the election fraud act. I have seen enough. Jeeze, how long can you milk this one out for?

Better question: What is sneaking up on us while the carnie-huckster has us watching this hand action?

The Darkest Winter rapidly approaches. Major excitement is coming our way soon, yet they are playing this fraud shtick to death.

I am grateful for the extra time. I keep thinking of more I could do and get while the getting is easy. However, this faithful news hound cannot find anything that qualifies as “news” in my regular sources of current information.

I have stopped expecting an EMP from the globalist players. They love their 5G and other toys that require functioning electrical power. I now figure they will just cut it off regionally, or price us out of the market to achieve their cold, dark winter culling of the masses. That line of thinking gives me some more thoughts on how I should be better prepared … and with those thoughts are fresh action items.

As I have stated and video-ed, Trump has to end up victorious or the “civil war” does not work out right for “THEIR” plans. All these baby steps on the route deserve a “FAST FORWARD” option.

While I am disappointed in the lack of interesting news, I really am thankful for the time. That just doesn’t leave me much to blog about today.