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Food Fight: Bunkers VS Debunkers

It is hard to not watch the show. Stuff is flying in both directions messing everybody up. It doesn’t matter much which side you are rooting for or who you expect will be standing when the goop slinging settles down.

I remain convinced that the main acts and results are all programmed in; baked into the cake. We get whatever result the global planners want us to get. How we handle it; how we react is up to us. We may not follow their script. Maybe they have that figured out correctly as well.

Is personal liberty the end result? If so, they screwed up. THAT is something they definitely do not want. On the other hand, THAT is exactly what I want. I am with Patrick Henry on that one. I am old enough that the “or give me death” part of his speech holds little fear for me. I have had a very good run. Thank you, Cosmos for that.

As I have stated, a Biden/Harris win fires up the gun owner, patriot, veteran army whose victory over the Marxist/snowflake horde is pretty-well assured. THEY don’t want that. So, for their purposes, Trump has to win. All the machinations between here and there are simply theater… hard to resist, but just a show like any other they put on your televisions and movies.

I am guilty of checking in regularly. Heck, it would be a shame to miss the greatest show they have presented to us in multiple lifetimes. However, we do need to keep perspective.

It is all theater
Do not take it too seriously.