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The Show begins

I remind you that it is all theater. You are seeing what you are supposed to see. The show is designed to inspire the masses into certain opinions, actions and predispositions. A really good question to ask of every news story is, “What is that designed to make me think or do?”. Another good one is, “What is the truth; what really happened?”.

I am watching, thinking, analyzing, waiting and enjoying the show. I hope you are too.

This morning the election fraud and competing vote tallies dominate my news feeds. I can see no final answer in the tea leaves, or garbage traces in the bottom of my trash can. I am confident that the main plan only works with Messiah Trump leading the complacent patriots, shooters, hunters and military veterans down the daisy path to the banksters’ e-currency, the globalists toxic vaccine and the Agenda 2030 population control.

Everything in between is cleverly designed and executed theater. How cleverly designed remains to be seen. Are we smarter than they think? Is their show as good as their confidence in it? Do they get their Brave New World?

What I am not seeing much right now is coverage of the violence. This year’s version of the Brown-shirts, Red-guard, Shining-path, Bolsheviks and other violent arms of the takeover monsters are attacking in major cities, but election coverage dominates. That may imply we have some time before the main cities grind to a halt. Grab every piece of normalcy that you can while the getting is good.

When our port cities are all in flames our dependence on imports will be screamingly obvious to all.

When the hub cities are out of control, the dependence we have on our just-in-time distribution network will be a clear and present danger.

I wouldn’t be betting everything on steady, reliable phone, Internet, power or other lovely things we are accustomed to having easy access to.

As I counted down to this event, this show, this major turning point, I produced videos that will become more relevant as we transition to a Post-SHTF-World. If you have not yet seen them, you might want to.

4 Days before TSHTF – The Darkest Winter Approaches

Economists of the Austrian School, the violent riot organizers, faked COVID numbers ramping up, The Vaccine is killing people in their trials, the political theater and more factors are all coming to a convergence.

Enjoy your last three days of pseudo-normalcy with small businesses crushed, economy in tatters, masks and shut-downs required …

The infrastructure and just-in-time deliveries to our stores are about to suffer a serious case of hiccups.

I was enjoying some Dixieland, decided to share it with you, but now admit the background music in the first several minutes are more distraction than treat.

TRUMP WILL WIN – Supremely ugly Biden will lose – unfortunately, so will we

Stepping back far enough to see the whole stage at one time tells us they are all working for the same masters, and all putting on a show crafted to generate certain behaviors in all of us.

Were the Biden/Harris win to take place, the worlds largest army, well-armed, highly-skilled, disciplined USofA hunters and veterans would crush the opposition in Civil War II. That won’t work for The Big Plan.

The globalist schemers need that army to stand down when their beloved Commander In Chief tells them to.

The Darkest Winter – why this phrase keeps coming up

Politicians and pundits keep using this phrase, or simply “Dark Winter” when referring to the one we are now entering. I thought they meant more mask wearing, more lockdowns, more scam-demic, food shortages, violence and burning in the cities.


Operation Dark Winter, June 22-23 of 2001 simulated a bio-terrorist attack on US. We are getting hints of the game to come. Get yourself, your pantry and your immune system ready for a serious assault.

Converging disasters – 22 days from now – recommended shopping trip

My Advent Calendar says 22 days remain until the USofA Election. It should be a really big show with ANTIFA, BLM, NFAC, Democrat Party and others promising to bring violence to every city, town and locality in this country.

But there are MANY MORE FACTORS converging around that time. I itemize, explain and suggest a course of action each of us should follow in the next three weeks.

34 Days – Come up with your Plan B – what will you bring to the new barter/exchange economy?

When this world as we know it disappears, What will you do? In case you have not yet planned ahead, this is your reminder, perhaps you wake-up-call. What will you do when we transition from TEOTWAWKI to TSHTF a month from now?

If you do not think in these terms, you will be an unwitting, unprepared victim of the freight train roaring down upon us. If you are average, the elites know exactly what they want to do to you.

Most aware analysts peg October or November as when it arrives. I tend to believe those who think the November election is the target date for A LOT of these destructive influences to converge. Plus or minus a week, I am sure you can bet on a world you will not like around then.

THE POINT of this video is WHAT WILL YOU DO in the new world? What talents, skills, tools, supplies and so-on will you have in your quiver when the dollar and the jobs disappear?