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October 31st – 4 days to SHTF

I recorded a video of this.

My outline for that show is here:

3 days remain of ‘this normal’. Assuming you can consider lockdowns, mandatory masks, crushing small business and other draconian police-state tactics as normal.

The Dark Winter approaches. My video on that topic:
The Darkest Winter – why this phrase keeps coming up

In college I learned the dominant voodoo of the Keynesian Economic School of thought. Years later the Austrian School made sense out of nonsense. While the former served a ruling elite, the latter served everyday people, humans, non-immortals attempting to make sense of micro- and macro-economics. The Austrians are all currently seeing an economic crash coming down on us VERY SOON.

The riot planners have been practicing, testing tactics and training cadre. They initially were funded by George Soros, but that has expanded to darn near very mega-corporation operating within our borders. Infiltrators have exposed their plans to begin really-serious-big-time-mega-riots after 4:00 PM on election day, November 3rd. If you are not prepared for destruction of our infrastructure by then, you will be unpleasantly surprised.

Here at this website and also at my Bitterroot Bugler channel on I have documented the scam surrounding COVID cases and deaths reported by those who we ought to be able to believe. Bribing medical institutions up to $30,000 each to report everything as COVID has the obvious effect of padding the numbers. Most are money seekers rather than humanitarian medical providers. Flu deaths have evaporated. Heart attacks are dramatically down as are stoke deaths and others. This is not coincidence.

If your news sources are not reporting massive death numbers from trials of THE COVID VACCINE, change news sources. Mine are showing it world-wide. United Nations Agenda 2030 is in full swing.

If you are not ENJOYING the political theater that is Election 2020, you are missing an opportunity. This is so incredibly ridiculous that taking it seriously is a sign of stunted intellectual development.

There is NO WAY that the Biden/Harris deviants were put up as serious candidates. They are 100% set up to make you love Messiah Trump … and do whatever he asks of you.