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Great economic report is very, very fishy

The scam-demic is killing the small businesses that are the USofA’s foundation. Entrepreneurs are reporting their businesses will never recover. The numbers reported by government agents are radically different from the numbers we see, feel and live with every day.

John Williams created the Shadow Stats website to show the dramatic difference between the phony numbers federal agents report and the real world.

Today is not available. It has ALWAYS been there. Today as Trump brags about wonderful economic reports is unavailable for the first time ever. [Update October 31st: ShadowStats is back. Go there to see the current REAL economic numbers in chart form.]

Record Recovery: U.S. GDP Grew 33.1% in Third Quarter After Lockdowns Lifted

Mighty fishy.

I happened to take a snapshot on October 18th. You can see why the glowing report might coincide with a deliberate attack on the website publishing real numbers.