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the globalists’ challenge

Imagine you wanted to rule the world, that is to have a significant role in a single government over Earth’s entire human population, the land, sea and all of nature. I know it is weird, but for the sake of discussion pretend that is your overwhelming all-consuming desire. Turns out there are people like this… or at least with a cursory glance at their exterior shells they appear to be human.

Okay, with this stipulation in place, how would you do it? What stands in your way? How do you eliminate the barriers to your dream world?

The traditional, stalwart, independent people in The United States of America with their pesky Second Amendment and EXTENSIVE, MASSIVE CIVILIAN-OWNED ARMORY are the biggest challenge.

While our wanna-be rulers of The Earth are running various operations all over the planet, the one in our country is the biggest concern for us. What does it look like? How would we do it? How are they going about it?

An obvious ploy would be to create a cultural divide then get both sides to fight to the death. All we have to deal with is the few survivors, making our crushing the USofA, then the human spirit worldwide a whole bunch easier.

A picture of what they are facing in Civil War II

Taking their view of the challenge makes it obvious why they have to put so much of their mega-corporate money into financing, training, outfitting and inspiring the one side. It is nowhere close to an even match-up, except in the big cities and coastal socialist paradises where the politicians and Praetorian Guard are fully on their side.

“We” spent the better part of 50 years trying to disarm the strong side. That obviously does not work. We can’t get from here to there. They are a little too smart for that trick… at least so far.

What we do still have going for us is that a majority continue watching our television programming and reading our monopoly printed media. Hammer-hammer-hammer our message out there.

But they are still getting the obviously superior arguments at the gun clubs, small shops, barbers, churches and pubs. AHA! Shut those places down.

Strong communities and societies are problematic. AHA! Hide everyone behind face masks, mandate stay-at-home, eliminate all gatherings. A psychological operation making people suspicious of everyone around them would be AWESOME! How about faking a plague???

Yup. Works like a charm. Their sense of community is weakening. We are ON IT!!!

Our mad scientists have created this wonderful DNA-altering tool that will kill many and turn survivors into dolts. Unfortunately there is strong resistance to receiving this injection. Hmmmm….

This will be a bit trickier, but if we can gather the strong ones under a charismatic figure then get him to lead them into holding their fire and accepting our vaccine we have an excellent crack at the whole enchilada. We do have to make the other side ugly enough to not just remove all doubt, but to powerfully cement the worshipful following.

Bonus points in that the snowflakes will be violently incensed by this ploy.

YeeHaw!!! GAME ON!!!

November 4th, 2020