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America’s Frontline Doctors Expose Covid19 Fraud

Top Doctors explain how the politicians are lying about the danger of Covid19. The reality is there are effective treatments, and that masks do not work. Also, children are being psychologically harmed. They need to see the faces of the people around them.

America’s Frontline Doctors created a website to combat widespread censorship of The Truth. The heading is a link to that site. Their introduction is below.

– Ted

Welcome to America’s Frontline Doctors
We exist to counter the massive disinformation campaign regarding the pandemic. We are diverse, exceedingly well-credentialed physicians, with extensive front line experience treating both COVID-19 and the risky health effects due to the lockdowns. There are many early treatment options! Most people do just fine! If you would like to know the facts from doctors who are passionate about giving you those facts, watch our newest videos, found under Summit II. (video above – Ted)

There is no reason to live in fear!

If you simply want to understand what “early treatment” is, watch our Early Treatment video or read the HCQ Protocols. If you need access to early treatment (to see a doctor about meds) go to Referral.

If you want to learn about Corruption of the Scientific Process, Testing Inaccuracies, Mask Myths, watch them here.

If you want to know what Practicing Medicine Upside Down means, or the truth about Hydroxychloroquine (especially the very end!) watch these.

If you want to know what the Covid-19 experience has been like for Kids & Schools, In The Community, across the world such as Africa and Epidemiology statistics, here are the real facts.

If you want to know the best way forward for Schools, the Frail Elderly, Society at Large, watch these.

Everyone: must watch Overcoming Fear Doctors & Nurses: must watch Doctor to Doctor

Unlike the government, CDC, FDA, NIH or any other organization with other motives, we doctors have a fiduciary, moral, ethical, legal and spiritual obligation to help people … and that means you. We are not the media. Please share widely.