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The Darkest Winter … why does this phrase keep coming up?

Politicians of all stripes are talking about this as “a dark winter”, “the darkest winter” and similar phrases. Why does this keep popping up in their public pronouncements?

I had been thinking about the convergence of the many disasters clearly approaching Very Soon. Failure of all world paper currencies, destruction/crippling of our distribution system, civil war going hot, geoengineered extremes, greater lockdowns, more extreme mandates, power grid failures, and a few more I have described here at this website or on my Bitterroot Bugler Brighteon channel.

Speaking of the weather aspect, I write this at the late stages of an extraordinarily early and deep blizzard inundating western Montana. This is a warning. Prepare thyself.

Now I find a new bit of ugliness to pile on top of the rest. See the inset on the right.

It all relates to their extremely public pronouncement of intentions to kill 97% of the Earth’s human population. They told us over and over with The Georgia Guidestones, United Nations Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030.

These inhuman beings are as serious as they can be, and have spent centuries building a ruling elite cadre agreeable to pulling it off.

Willing or not, we are participants to their final play… or should I say the final act in their play?

Time to figure out what role we have in it.

More detail in the video below.