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Applying the scientific method to current events

Those of us who took a high school or college science class before 1990 learned what is correctly called “The Scientific Method”. It applied to numerous disciplines outside of chemistry and biology as it challenged every new idea to prove itself against all critics. All sciences benefited from this methodology.

In it the scientist comes up with a hypothesis, then executes experiments designed to PROVE THE HYPOTHESIS WRONG. Throwing every argument he can imagine against his theory goes a long ways towards producing robust theories. Once he thinks he is on to something useful, his hypothesis and experiments are published as widely as possible to anyone who might be interested.

Others try to disprove it. The longer it stands, the stronger it gets.

My current socio-political hypothesis that is steadily gaining strength in my little lab is that Biden/Harris are spectacularly ugly candidates carefully selected by those higher on the pyramid to appeal to the socialists while being completely intolerable to the productive class.

The other half of this is that the Trump/Pence alternative is correspondingly intolerable to the popular Marxist culture. This took a bit more work, but the designers have had the benefit of time and money to develop the hatred via the “education system”, lamestream media monopoly, social media ownership and corrupted politicians.

The important factors here are that the worldwide stronghold of liberty, the single barrier to a one-world-government, the USofA, is now neatly divided into factions willing to physically, violently fight over the upcoming election results. The trick for them is to make the sides as close to equal as possible in the upcoming Civil War II (CW2).

It has often been said that the hunters, gun owners and military veterans of this country comprise the largest and strongest army in the world. Pitting a bunch of snowflake self-inflated Mommy’s boys fed BS by their Marxist professors against that would be a quick, decisive fight. The deck needed some stacking.

Add in lamestream media, Big Tech, Corporate financing, young South-and-Central American men raised under totalitarian socialism, similar Muslim invasion, free cargo containers of military weapons to their side, Marxist governors, mayors, prosecutors, courts and we approach an even fight that might kill most of both sides before the dust settles leaving the professional armies to execute mop-up operations rather than major fighting.

Perfect for Agenda 21, Agenda 2030 and the New World Order pronouncements etched in The Georgia Guidestones… well, it is kind-of important to them that the manly-men side loses. That sort of power is a dangerous enemy even in reduced numbers.

Back to the hypothesis I am presenting for your challenges.

Consider the possibility that Gates, Faucci, Biden, Bushes (both), Clintons (both), Zuckerberg, Kissinger, Obama, Guiliani, Trump and the whole lot of these rouges were put into power by the same overseers. Since their takeover of the Feral Reserve in 1913, 97%+++ of the dollar value has gone to the puppet-masters in this game. That is in excess of thirty times more money than all the rest of us combined had to work with over the last 107 years!!!

That buys a lot of shallow people, to say the least. In their world the psychopaths and sociopaths rise to the top. They are the only ones willing to crush, kill, torture and abuse humans, animals and all of Nature for fun and profit without feeling any qualms whatsoever.

Working with this hypothesis many things fall into place. Odd disparate pieces begin to fit together in an artfully crafted, coherent work… one that has names and numbers: Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030.

Keep in mind that the people near the upper pointy-end of the pyramid have AI (artificial intelligence) that is fully tapped into the Internet, all the government databases, the banking network, every single smart device that foolish people carry, and every electronic database that exists in our world. Thus they are fully aware of the moods and attitudes in almost all of us. Everything they say and do is guided by what we will tolerate.

Were enough of us accepting the concept of forced vaccinations, that topic would not have come and gone so fast. They floated it out there and saw the shitstorm. Whoops! Not yet. Make no mistake, The Vaccine altering the DNA of the survivors is extremely important. The proper sales pitch has not yet been presented to us.

Wait until the grocery stores are empty but FEMA has food, the heat is off in your home while FEMA has heated camps, the banking system is broken, but electronic FEDCOIN works, the cities are riotous burning hellholes while the FEMA camps offer safety, and the only price of entry is being disarmed and accepting THE VACCINE.

There is an offer that fewer people will refuse.

Ah, but that large army I mentioned earlier … They might be somewhat ready to resist the inducements. This is where Trump Fever comes in. Most of the productive class seems quite enamored of Trump. The same guys that could stand off combined US, NATO and UN armies will peacefully stand down if their Commander In Chief sells it the right way. Ditto THE VACCINE.

Were the ugly couple to win, the Super Army is ready to mobilize. That will not happen. The Presidential election results are that easy to predict.