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Faux News got it right … briefly … 95% reduction in flu cases this year

Due to extreme censorship and tracking elsewhere, my e-social is now limited to GAB, Linked-IN and Minds. This morning I picked up a lamestream media story that was surprisingly candid. Of course the talking heads did convulsions to come up with an alternative for the obvious answer. Both Eeew-Toob and Faux News quickly pulled the story before too many people “were misled” by it.

I recognized it as one they would censor so I preserved it on my Brighteon channel. You can watch them conjure up explanations that obfuscate the truth. I give you supporting evidence below that the poor presstitutes seem unable to find on their own.

Also predictable, Faceplant won’t even allow my wife to post, let alone a link to the censored Faux News video I share above. You aren’t still letting them control your world, are you?

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