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A Failure of Civility

Increasing numbers of us are discussing an approaching Civil War II (CW2) in the heretofore United States of America (USofA). The country mentioned in America The Beautiful (and crowned her good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea) stood as a bulwark against the one world government, New World Order who would have a single unified dictatorship over the entire planet. Cracking that nut took them quite some time, but perserverance and control of all the money in the world got them to where we are today … very, very close to their ultimate goal.

As documented in their UN Agenda 21 and UN Agenda 2030, this country with a spirit of liberty in many men and the personally-owned firearms to back it up had to go.

This morning I listened to two great authors discussing All Hell is about to Break Loose – Civil War 2.0 – Matt Bracken and Mark Goodwin. The link included above takes you to the Podcast… much like a radio broadcast, but via the Internet instead of mainstream-media-controlled radio. I highly recommend the show, but caution that you have to have a clear hour for it. It is packed with considerations soon to be critical to the lives of you, your family, your neighborhood and your community.

During the show Matt recites the following quotation:

If you are not prepared to defend civilization with force, then be prepared to accept Barbarism – Thomas Sowell

That is the world we are approaching. The Barbary Pirates mentioned therein are the very same people our avowed, staunch internal enemies have been importing by the thousands … and who will be armed from the shipping containers loaded with machine guns, grenades, rockets that are distributed around OUR country along with the young, single, male, “peaceful” Muslim immigrants.

Do not attribute to stupidity what evil better explains – Ted Dunlap

I started off this post to point you to the podcast mentioned above and a book they reminded me of: A FAILURE OF CIVILITY that I recently finished and intended to share with you. The book is now out of print; available as collector items priced accordingly. However, PDF versions are available online. The link above takes you to a complete one.

For much less than a collector copy of the book he co-authored is the new two-volume set update and expansion on its contents: CIVIL DEFENSE MANUAL – How to Prepare and Protect Your Neighborhood from Disaster, Riot and Civil Unrest – By Jack Lawson

Perhaps several people in your area are veterans of Arabian street fighting, are ex-special forces or have similar experiences and skill sets. If not one or more of you probably should have this book. Odds are the futures of your community and household will need some or most of what it contains.

The upcoming USofA election looms large in our current and near future affairs. The media-politician-rioter team has decided to downplay the violence, looting and burning for now. They need the election to appear as if it were reasonably close, at least to the rioters and Democrats, in order to trigger the post-election violence they have scheduled.

As described in the podcast All Hell is about to Break Loose – Civil War 2.0, Portland and Seattle served as a place where they could develop techniques, practice and train cadre to take city-crippling violence nation-wide. To doubt they will is to underestimate your enemies.

When the cities are out of control, the infrastructure will collapse nationally. Even if you are not there, your world will be disrupted MAJORLY.

Hang on
It will be a heckuva ride
and the greatest show on Earth.