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four clear pictures of our current economic precipice

While cooking the numbers started in the Reagan administration, Slick Willy took it several levels beyond. If the lie is bold enough and told often enough it becomes reality.

They removed trivial things like food, housing and energy from the inflation numbers as they were “too volatile and confusing to regular people”.

Unemployed people were no longer unemployed after 6 weeks. Tell that to them, eh?

Cooking the books and reporting the fictions is the new normal. Unless you visit John Williams’ He uses the “old fashioned way” of calculating those things… ya’know that obsolete concept called The Truth.

Today, the reality is harsh. This is not recoverable. It also is matched by nearly every other economy on Earth. The pain is about to be felt world-wide. It will be severe. This is not an accident.

That money supply growth from a ‘new normal’ 5% annually jumped to 25%. They have promised to do that again in February. The result of littering the economy with Continentals is as old as graft, corruption and fake currencies. The results are always the same.

You are expected to line up for government housing, government food, a vaccine that is voluntary assuming you want food and housing and a new electronic currency.

If that is not attractive to you, you had best develop a serious Plan B to avoid it.

One thing you can count on, the trajectory depicted by those charts is not going to be fixed.

Whatever dollar-denominated world you think you are living in is about to disappear.

* POOF *

If you wonder at the accuracy or veracity of John’s charts, ask yourself which sets of numbers match the reality you see in our current USofA.