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Tuesday’s blog post apparently hit a soft spot

My Tuesday post Converging disasters – 21 days from now must have been ON TARGET. The would-be rulers of the world voted it my most popular in a very long time. They attacked my website vigorously for the next two days… so far.

Keep in mind that this site and I are tiny fly-specks attempting to expose the evil and inspire the good. I must have hit a home run for the activity generated trying to break in, and most likely break down my blog.

You might want to take their advice, read that post, and follow the links.

They don’t want you knowing something therein.

My protective shell blocked 1,061 visits in two days!

This is on a site that averages 300 real, honest visits per day!

The top countries of origin were Portugal, Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Brazil, Poland and Turkey.

That describes a global operation. It also demonstrates unity in diverse countries. They are all in this together. Squabbles between them are theater.

By the way, if they do take Bitterroot Bugle down note that I post most of the same content at Don’t tell them. Their AI, drones and trolls have apparently not found it yet.