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Converging disasters – 21 days from now – recommended shopping trip

My Advent Calendar says 21 days remain until the USofA Election. It should be a really big show with ANTIFA, BLM, NFAC, Democrat Party and others promising to bring violence to every city, town and locality in this country, but there are MANY MORE FACTORS converging around that time. Let’s look at them, then consider a shopping trip. The short version of this post is in the video at the bottom… or if you read all the way to it, it will serve as a slightly different summary.

We have a smattering of organizations set on burning, pillaging and terrorizing our countrymen. The kingpin is George Soros, but he is merely the guy appointed by the globalists, the new world order to take the lead on this particular project. He threw hundreds of millions of ill-gotten dollars into ANTIFA, BLM, NFAC and the Marxist academic cadre to get it started. Google, AT&T, Bank of America, Facebook, McDonalds, Disney, Gentech, Burger King, Coca Cola, Levis, MasterCard, Pepsico, Wal*Mart, Home Depot, Target and many others have thrown their own million-dollar chunks into the poison pool. Not to mention the 7 rulers of lamestream media who control the news to favor their rampage and discourage healthy responses.

Here is a comprehensive list of terrorist sponsors. Do your best to remove your sponsorship of them.

Needless to say, this extremely well-funded, well-organized assault on our society by the vapid, mal-educated, useless cultural parasitic puppets is not only going to continue, it will blossom into CW2 (Civil War II) pitting the productive people of this country against the destructive ones. When this gets going, and they are promising it will around election time, the shipping containers loaded with full-automatic Chinese AK-47s will magically appear in Muslim hands. The cities will get real exciting real fast.

Country folks best not feel smug. Transportation of goods throughout this country will quickly seize up with the major hubs as war zones. The power grid is also vulnerable.

Globally we have had two years of massive crop failures. To the right is a short clip from a weather satellite of how the geoengineers create floods, droughts, killing heat and cold waves and other “natural” disasters to destroy the world food supply.

On top of that are governmental slaughterings of livestock “to stop the spread of disease” and shut-downs of most meat processing forcing ranchers to kill off and bury most of their herds as there is no feed to tide them over until packing plants come back online.

Then we have CIA and similar organizations working up shooting wars around the globe. Turkey VS Armenia, Iran-Iraq-Syria, Israel against all of Arabia, China militarily stretching its resource-sucking tentacles in Africa, Asia, Australia and South America, plus India and Pakistan are going at it. This is a rapidly growing cancer that is very likely to spread globally at any time.

The USofA election is all over the news. As mentioned above, the useless destroyers promise to ramp up their activities and the money is there to keep them equipped, fed, housed, bussed, trained, indoctrinated and armed.

I should mention the Planet-X, alien invasion, attack of the lizard people, asteroid impact and other “OUT THERE” threats. While I spend almost no time or energy researching or thinking about such things, lots of people do. If they are correct, there is absolutely nothing I can do about it. If not, worrying and researching was a waste of time. They are just other potential factors that the believers feel are coming soon to a theater near you.

Major monsters on the visible horizon are Five-Gee, COVID-resurgence and THE VACCINE. Five-Gee is a frequency destructive at the cellular level of all life on Earth. Birds, insects, fish, animals and, obviously, humans are sickened and many have been/will be killed by various applications of Five-Gee (Using the normal spelling attracts powerful destructive forces – my website has enough assaults without inviting more.) I will do more posts on this, but one video worth watching is HERE.

In addition to being a major health hazard at the base level, it is also a directed energy weapon. The same forces wreaking the other destruction mentioned above are rushing to get this weapon covering the Earth. Symptoms of low-level exposure are shortness of breath, congestion, fever, headaches, runny nose, coughing … AHA! YOU HAVE COVID!!! We are going to lock you up.

Worse is THE VACCINE. Bill Gates got the assignment as point man on this one. He has told us that doing a good job with vaccination will reduce world population – a goal they etched in granite on The Georgia Guidestones. That may be awful, but many times worse is the altering of human DNA. They have told us THE VACCINE will do that… apparently targeting human chromosome #8 which is responsible for our intelligence.

They admit A LOT of people will die from the vaccine. In some circles they talk about it turning the survivors into autistic automatons capable of following orders, but not much more. Their monitoring of our social media told them we are not yet ready to accept mandatory vaccines, so they have dropped that from their conversation at this time.

That it alters our DNA is all they know about it so far. Remaining on their ToDo list is the marketing issue. While a COVID plague might turn the trick, I’m betting on the financial collapse of all currencies world-wide followed by the global banker’s version of Bitcoin with accepting THE VACCINE as the price of entry into their new financial system.

They do not know what their pet COVID-19 looks like. They have not isolated “this disease”. But they are well along in producing a vaccine for it. Doesn’t that seem a bit odd to you? Perhaps COVID-19 is actually Five-Gee. Many researchers show startling links. Possible, but a story for another day. Just keep that thought as sketchy “facts” issue from official-dum.

That’s the Doom-and-Gloom portion

Now on to our shopping trip

According to my Advent Calendar we have 21 Days until TSHTF. I urge you to take a focused shopping trip very soon.

Visit every store you have been in over the last month or two. Look at everything in there that you value. Think about what you will miss the most.

Buy lots of it.

I cannot state it more simply or clearly.

– Ted